'Ladies of London' Recap: Juliet Angus Is Too Rude for Words

Ladies of LondonOh my God, Juliet Angus! You single-handedly made me scream with discomfort while watching this week's Ladies of London. No, I'm not put off by your self-proclaimed 'honesty'; I, like most other people, are just totally freaked out by your total rudeness! You don't have to be a Brit to have manners, and getting up to leave a dinner party to have a cigarette is just a no-no! Add to that the fact that she played the part of spoiled toddler and refused to eat what was given to her, and you've upped the ante from sloppy to full-on deliberately gauche. 

"You shame America!" I was maybe heard to shout in our small apartment, frightening not just the dog and the cats but also a house-guest visiting from Singapore. Hopefully she did not think that this comment was directed her way -- she is very polite. Unlike Juliet! 

I actually gasped when her hostess announced what the food was going to be and she deemed the appropriate response to be throwing a hissy fit about "not eating Bambi." Grow up! Stay mum! Eat around it, you foolish fool! I don't agree with Caroline Stanbury about everything (I happen to think she and Caprice Bourret are totally just using all the other women as pawns), but she was right to point out that Juliet was a hypocrite for acting as deer-bearer after throwing a veritable snit-fit not so long ago about manners and etiquette. 

I love that this show has brought out the WASP in me! I was incensed by Noelle Reno's table manners -- incensed, I say! Where did this ire come from? I'm not a lady. I am watching this while wearing neon pink running capris!

Still, I just don't get it. You're invited into this world that is not your own, don't you try to enjoy it and appreciate it and savor the experience rather than jamming your own bad attitude down everyone else's throat? No, Juliet, Lady Sandwich has not seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off -- and that's just fine! Just a grip.

Do you think Juliet was out of line?


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youth... youthfulsoul

Juliet suffers from what all those people who are just "keepin it real" suffer from. Complete lack of tact. An excuse and justification, in their own mind, to not have a filter and be completely, inappropriately rude all in the name of "honesty".

nonmember avatar elisabetta

The "leaving the table to have a ciggy" looked set up to me. . .

nonmember avatar Celticmommy

I agree with you completely!!! I cringe in almost every scene involving Juliet. She is NOT the depiction of all Americans and is a terribly ambassador. Youthfulsoul above said is perfectly, she mistakes her blatant rudeness and lack of class for "honesty". "Ferris Bueller".....REALLY? That's the extent of your conversation skills while dining at such an exquisite table? I love Anabelle's diversity: totally rock-n-roll at times, but finds true value in social graces.

nonmember avatar Melinda

Wow, the lack of class and not having some polite manners is so embarrassing! Not all Americans behave in his crass manner. I mean honestly, those ladies aren't even pretending to appear to be gracious...ugh!

nonmember avatar Jane Doe

But isn't she supposed to be the Eliza Doolittle of the show? That seems to be the whole crux of the plot. The whole fish out of water theme. I'm sure the producers encourage gaffes on her part or they would not have a show. Did you notice that both her husband and Caroline said almost the exact same thing to her? To summarize, "You are usually right, but it's the manner of your delivery that is the problem." Coincidence? Me thinks not. Planted by producers? Me thinks so. And don't worry about people thinking all Americans are like that, remember the daughter-in-law the Lady Sandwich (not sure of name) is American. I think judging people based on manners can be problematic too. Not the outburst that incensed you, your feelings are understandable, as that was over the top. But back in the Victorian day when people had about 18 pieces of silverware some used to hang others socially which such trivialities as, "the young debutante Miss Astor ate her soup with the third salad spoon". But I happen to like Juliette. The whole, "I'm not eating Bambi," could be taken as an outburst caused by strong opinions on animal protection. Rude outburst? Yes. Bad person? I don't think so. She's rough around the edges, but I think she has a good heart and she's spunky and fun. She just needs to work on her delivery, as they always say, if she's not just acting. ;)

nonmember avatar Diana

Sorry, couldn't disagree with you more. Yes, Juliet is bold at times, but some of the Brits are too stiff and quick to judge Americans. I like that Juliet is real, not afraid to stick to her beliefs, and isn't a wannabe like Noelle or Marissa.

nonmember avatar Nadine

It's one thing to be an outspoken individual and another thing to be a rude crude beast of a woman. No matter how stiff some might think the Brits are, she is just classless and emberassing. Her tone, her face and her attitude is absolutely irritating!

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