'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Shannon Beador Is Just Misunderstood!

shannon beador You guys, tonight I felt so badly for Shannon Beador! Even a jaunt down to Mexico with Vicki Gunvalson and her paramour Ayers Brooks couldn't put the pep back in her step. Can you blame her?! Her marriage has been under the constant scrutiny of the other Housewives and nobody needs that stress! Is it any wonder that she totally broke down at their dinner party? It feels like not one person understands the strain she is under. 

Don't get me wrong, it was great to see Shannon finally find a true ally in Vicki, but as sympathetic as good ol' Vick may be, even she is bringing her own baggage straight to the station when it comes to how she's viewing Shannon and David Beador's marital strife. She may like Shannon a lot (and I think she really does! The two women get along so well), but when she looks at Shannon and David, she is straight up seeing herself and her ex-husband Don. 

I totally understand why Shannon fell apart at dinner. It wasn't just the bickering with David or the strain of their recent problems; it was the fact that everybody was watching them and examining their every move. I'm of half a mind to say that Shannon should leave the show! That would definitely be the right move to make if she's serious about saving her marriage -- and I think she is.

But if Shannon left, we'd be losing such a great new addition! Shannon is fun, and unique, and sensitive, and she's got all the other Housewives fighting over her! Seriously, I haven't EVER seen Heather Dubrow squirm over her status the way she has this season, and it's delicious. Also, I want Shannon to stick around and call out Tamra Judge on her shady double-dealings. 

Do you think Shannon is misunderstood? 

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nonmember avatar Gina

I honestly do not understand why people like Shannon. She is like a walking pity party. Always crying and always wanting people to feel sorry for herself. The woman cannot go one dinner without bashing her husband or reprimanding him in public, then she cries when people are "criticizing her marriage." Give me a freaking break. She brings this on herself.

youth... youthfulsoul

Ugg Shannon. She's a drama queen. Always exaggerating every situation. Constantly stirring the pot. If she doesn't want people to scrutinize her marriage maybe she should stop being so argumentative with her husband. 

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Honestly I felt sorry for Dave, She wasn't going to be happy until she chipped him down to nothing. WOW what a mess she is. Everything the guy said was all wrong to her, At least he has witnesses.

And for Vickie it was like looking in a mirror how awkward was that 

Michelle Berent Henderson

Shannon is a wack-a-doodle, she is self destructing. If she could watch herself maybe it will help, she is so jealous of Heather, it is so obvious. Her poor husband is trying to play down her Idiotic issues but I it not working. Shannon and loud mouth Tamra I would not miss at all. I say Bye Bye

nonmember avatar Susan

Sorry, but I've never really seen any evidence of 'fun Shannon' that other people seem to see...she seems completely tormented and it is of her own making. I find her painful to watch, mostly because she just makes everything so difficult for herself. She needs a good therapist (and an antidepressant) much more than all these holistic shamans.

Penny Gotshall Deater

No She is just as bad as Tamra. She is back stabbing and runs her own mouth. David seems to have left this marriage a long time ago. He is just going through the motions. The two should get off the show and get the marriage resolved or over!

Bonnie Stone

No. She talks down to her husband and makes him feel less than. If she wants to save her marriage, she should get off the show and take her relationship private. This didn't just happen, they've obviously had problems for a long time and putting it out there for the world to see just made it worse. 

nonmember avatar tigerlily0714

Now that Bravo has started re-airing the first season of RHONJ--Shannon is reminding me of Danielle--seemed nice but turned out to be INSANE!!! Shannon puts EVERYTHING on Heather (Jealous & envious much?). Even after she KNEW Tamra stabbed her in the back, she blamed Heather for everything! She constantly brings up Heather to everyone--why? And when she talk about Heather it's ALWAYS "NEVER in my life"--Shannon has experienced so many "firsts" with Heather she soounds like a virgin!! Get this psycho off the show!!

Prett... PrettyWings29

I agree with the other comments, and I've been saying this since the first episode this season:  Shannon needs a good psychiatrist, maybe even some medication, and some marriage counseling if she wants to continue her marriage. From what I've seen so far, she is constantly critisizing her husband, and then acts shocked when he starts thinking about the D word. I feel for her, I do, but I can't help but wonder how much of this she's brought on herself. I think reality tv is the last thing her and her family need to be involved in right now.

Pat Cee

Shannon, is so annoying!  Why is she fixated on Heather?  Shannon admits that Tamra was wrong to betray her, but Shannon says she likes her anyway.  This woman is a fool, and her husband has asked her to cut out what he calls perks, but she can't because those status symbols prop her empty self up.  The poor guy.  Who wants a skinny, drunk, crazy, bitchy, COLD broad like that?  There is nothing attractive about her.  Get off the show.

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