'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Shannon Beador Is Just Misunderstood!

shannon beador You guys, tonight I felt so badly for Shannon Beador! Even a jaunt down to Mexico with Vicki Gunvalson and her paramour Ayers Brooks couldn't put the pep back in her step. Can you blame her?! Her marriage has been under the constant scrutiny of the other Housewives and nobody needs that stress! Is it any wonder that she totally broke down at their dinner party? It feels like not one person understands the strain she is under. 

Don't get me wrong, it was great to see Shannon finally find a true ally in Vicki, but as sympathetic as good ol' Vick may be, even she is bringing her own baggage straight to the station when it comes to how she's viewing Shannon and David Beador's marital strife. She may like Shannon a lot (and I think she really does! The two women get along so well), but when she looks at Shannon and David, she is straight up seeing herself and her ex-husband Don. 


I totally understand why Shannon fell apart at dinner. It wasn't just the bickering with David or the strain of their recent problems; it was the fact that everybody was watching them and examining their every move. I'm of half a mind to say that Shannon should leave the show! That would definitely be the right move to make if she's serious about saving her marriage -- and I think she is.

But if Shannon left, we'd be losing such a great new addition! Shannon is fun, and unique, and sensitive, and she's got all the other Housewives fighting over her! Seriously, I haven't EVER seen Heather Dubrow squirm over her status the way she has this season, and it's delicious. Also, I want Shannon to stick around and call out Tamra Judge on her shady double-dealings. 

Do you think Shannon is misunderstood? 

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