'Bachelorette' Recap: Nick Viall Makes Andi Dorfman Look Like a Fool

Andi Dorfman Chris Harrison

Wow. It's hard to believe we're just one week away from the hometown dates on The Bachelorette, but even though the season is this far in, it's obvious that Andi Dorfman still doesn't have a clue.

I hate to say it, but it's totally obvious that she's stuck on two guys right now. She really doesn't give a rat's behind about the other dudes in the group.

And duh ... Nick Viall is one of them. Uhhhh. Exactly NO ONE understands what she possibly sees in that dude, but obviously she's totally into him; otherwise, she wouldn't have given him a rose on tonight's group date. That left the rest of the guys bitching and moaning like a bunch of spoiled toddlers. (Sorry, but it's true.)

Seriously, they're all convinced he's leading her on and will wind up dumping her at the very last minute -- but for whatever reason, Andi thinks he's all that and then some. And what was up with him getting all teary at the end? He must have hidden an onion in his pocket or something.

And don't even get me started on him "tricking" the front desk lady at the hotel to give him Andi's room number. Um, do you honestly think she didn't notice the camera crew behind him? ABC totally set that one up. For sure.

As for the other dude Andi can't seem to resist? Duh. It's Josh Murray. She's falling for him hook, line, and sinker. At this point, it will be a total shocker if Josh and Nick aren't her final two.

But considering hometown dates are next week -- it's not like Nick can fake this relationship forever. Something tells me once he's around his family and in his comfort zone, his true colors will shine through and Andi will realize he's not the dude for her. (Staaahhhp.)

And that brings us to who she wound up sending home. Not surprisingly, tonight was the end of the road for Dylan and Brian. Andi's feelings for the two of them simply don't go beyond friend status.

Hometowns should be pretty interesting with Nick, Chris, Josh, and Marcus next week -- though something tells me we've only seen the beginning of the drama for Miss Andi. (One can hope.)

Do you think Nick is genuine?


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nonmember avatar scarlet grooms

All I want to know is if their has been 2 deaths on the blette

nonmember avatar cocogirl

Nick is disgusting inside and out. Andi's intense interest in him makes me realize why she hasn't had success in the past....she is obviously clueless. What's that saying...pretty but she ain't too bright! Meet the poster girl!!!!!

nonmember avatar Alana Iturbide

I really like Nick. I think he is definitely there to win the girl and not to make friends with the guys. Often, a strong woman wants someone to take charge and "be a man." I think he is able to express his feelings much better than Josh, is very bright (needed for her), and is actually a good guy beneath the bad publicity.

Dawn Wendel

Nick is a total jerk! Nothing more needs said!

nonmember avatar Kim

I can't stand Nick and that's the reason I watch on hulu next day so I can fast forward and not watch them together. Andi is clueless and should feel like an ass when she watches it after!! I really liked Bryan he was real and makes me sad she didn't see that. Now I want Marcus!! But I did read she takes Nick and Josh to end so kinda not worth watching the rest!!

Alice Dometiza-Decker

Tricking and lying to Hotel desk clerk just shows how dishonest he can be. If he really want to see Andi, he could have done it in a more honest way. Call her room to room and extend an invite if she wants to see him or not. He is deceitful!

nonmember avatar mary

Don't like Nick...he is playing the game HARD, he IS a salesman after all and actually did his homework by watching past seasons. Josh is not as calculated, but he is a total player. I like Marcys ok, but I wish she'd pick Chris, although I doubt she wants a Farmer from Iowa...she is too prissy

nonmember avatar Sandra

I do NOT like Nick at all. If Andi chooses him, I cannot imagine a happy outcome and hope to God she sees him for the jerk he is. Hearing his lisp drives me nuts also because, if his teeth were fixed, he wouldn't have it! I'm hoping Josh or Marcus win her heart in the end.

Jane Marsella

I am for Marcus. Handsome and seems genuine

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