'Duck Dynasty' Star Miss Kay Confesses Her First Son Was Born Out of Wedlock

Duck Dynasty WeddingOh Duck Dynasty. This simply fantastic A&E reality show about a family of self-proclaimed redneck millionaires has certainly grabbed a few headlines this past year. Remember when Phil Robertson said out loud that that he believes homosexuality is a sin, but that still doesn't give him a right to judge others? That went down well.

Well now the judgers have the perfect ammunition to use against this Bible-thumping crew. Phil's wife, affectionately known as Miss Kay, has admitted to the unthinkable. The couple's first son Alan (now a pastor! Shock and horror!) was born out of wedlock. Yup, the Robertsons are total hypocrites. Or something.

You know, I always kind of suspected that Phil and Kay's courthouse wedding when she was 16 had a shotgun involved, but who the heck am I to judge their choices? The've been together nearly 50 years, through the good times and the bad, so who cares if she had one on the way when she said, "I do"?

Apparently it wasn't even until a few years later that the couple officially tied the knot.

"Well, this is the first time I've shared this, aside from giving my testimony [in church]," Miss Kay told Us Weekly. "When I made a vow to God and to [Phil], it was March 22, 1964."

On paper, the two were legally wed more the four years later. That original vow "wasn't legal," she admitted. "That's the truth. We didn't do the legal papers until April 11, 1968, after Alan, my oldest, was born. Alan says, 'Yeah, I would be the B [bastard] in the family.'" 

And then because Miss Kay is Miss Kay and we can't help but love her to death, she added, "But I want to tell you something ... my heart and my vow to God was true from the first day."

I bet it was. Miss Kay went through hell with that man, and they came out together happy happy happy on the other side. And even though Phil can come across as a gruff, seemingly obtuse kind of guy sometimes, his bride of however many years revealed that he has a super sweet romantic side too.

"I love that he's a man's man and a take-charge guy," she said. "But what's not talked about is how kind, gentle, and good he is. I can't tell you how many times he's fixed me breakfast in bed."

Awww! Way to go, Phil! That's the way to keep your woman happy.

Kay says the family now jokes about the official wedding date. Alan was joined by three younger brothers -- Jase, Willie, and Jep -- who are all married with children now, so there's plenty of laughter to go around.

Miss Kay said, "Now, the family laughs about it ... people ask, 'When was your mama's wedding?' and the boys say, 'Which, the pioneer wedding or the regular wedding?'"

I love that this family can own up to their unconventionalness and even laugh about it. I'm sure that there are people ready to label them hypocrites because they admittedly had sex outside of marriage, yet believe homosexuality to be a sin, and those people have every right to go ahead and do so. But the Robertsons never claimed to be perfect or sinless either.

Are you shocked to hear Miss Kay's confession about Alan's birth?


Image via duckdynastyae/Instagram

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Einyn Einyn

If you're religious you shouldn't get to cherry pick from the bible. If homosexuality is a sin to her then having a baby out of wedlock is just as bad.

nonmember avatar Mindy

LOL. Of course they cherry pick sins. That is the irony of Christianity at its finest. Want to say that homosexuality is a sin just because the bible says so? Then I hope you aren't wearing two different kinds of cloth, because you should be stoned to death by now. ( For those who don't know, the good book clearly states that it is a sin to wear two kinds of cloth at once, and those sinners should face death by stoning. )

Guest27 Guest27

I am not shocked. The Robertson's have admitted to their own sins in several books that they have written. It is also why Phil Robertson says he is not there to judge others because he has sins in his past (affairs, alcoholism, etc.). However, his view that homosexuality is a sin is his opinion. He also claimed that affairs, sex before marriage, alcoholism may also be sins to which he his admitted to. So I don't know if it could be regarded as "hypocritical" because Phil himself has admitted to committing sins.  

nonmember avatar NoGodz

Could anybody still be shocked or surprised when supposedly religious folks who criticize others turn out to be, well, hypocritical?

What's also not surprising is that their show's ratings are continuing to decline.

nonmember avatar Mindy

Phil Robertson is a public figure and obviously doesn't understand the repercussions of condemning homosexuals when he has so many people looking up to him. That is the difference. If he "admits his sins" he gets a slap on the wrist. Others receive further discrimination and continue to be denied basic human rights.

Simpl... SimplyEnchanted

Hypocrisies:  It is the practice of engaging in the same behavior or activity for which one criticizes another


If they repented of their mistakes and are not engaging in the things they condemn then hypocrisy is not the correct term to use by definition.


nonmember avatar FarmersWife

How can anyone say it's hypocritical? Your fudging their beliefs 50 years later against choices they made as young teenagers? They never said they didn't sin. That doesn't make them bad people or mean they don't follow their religion. Just as they believe homosexuality is a sin, in the same breath the day it's not for them to judge. Christians don't hold hate for homosexuals, it is seen as a sin, and if someone chooses to live in sin that is between them and god. It is no different than an unwed mother being accepted into the church. Yes, years ago it was taboo and looked down on. Now, it's still a sin, but everyone is very accepting of the individual regardless of their situation.

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

FYI fudging = judging

Thank you 4am lol

aeneva aeneva

First off they may not have always been as religious as they are now.  Many people find religion later in life AFTER committing many sins.  Second they do not condemn or judge others and out right say that.  They may not agree with you and your choice but they admit you have every right in this country to make that choice.  The fact that they themselves have sinned is between them and their god and has nothing to do with anyone else.  End of story.  Nothing hypocritical there.

nonmember avatar rosie

If you read any of their books or interviews you will know Kay and Phil were not practicing Christians in their youth. It was only after some of their sons were born that Kay kicked Phil out because of his drinking, affairs and lifestyle. Eventually he realized he needed his family and converted, changed his life and has lived in a way that to his best ability follows the teachings of the bible and his church. I have heard Kay and Jase talk about how hard life was before that. To his credit, they went from a family with a father who was not committed to his wife and children to a family of.stong husbands and fathers who take care of one another and their community. To call them hypocritical because of something they did before their conversion is just ridiculous. At least they acknowledge that they did make mistakes and have come out stronger and better for it. They aren't trying to hide anything and they are showing that you can change your behavior and become better. (I am not referencing the homosexuality issue when I say change your behavior. ... I recognize the 'born this way' issue, I am simply stating that you can make changes in whatever area of your life that you feel strongly about.) Phil and Kay cannot be called hypocritical for something they did before they were practicing Christians. That's like blaming a doctor for someone's death for not performing cpr on them while the doctor was a teen before they even thought of being a doctor! Same thing.

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