Joe Manganiello Named Hottest Bachelor: 5 Photos That Prove He Deserves It

joe manganielloYou don't have to be a diehard fan of True Blood to appreciate Joe Manganiello's body of work. Just look at the man! So it's no surprise to the ladies here at The Stir that he received one of People Magazine's highest honors - Hollywood's Hottest Bachelor. Not sure he is worthy? We are going to help you out. Take a look at these amazing JM pics. If they don't convince you, nothing will.


 1. This is definitely a sign it's going to be a very good morning.

2. If anyone ever tells you the scruff isn't sexy -- THEY ARE LYING!

3. You don't have to ask for our number twice.

6. He even has major specs-appeal.

5.  Sigh!

Totally worthy of the title right?

Among the other hot, single celebs mentioned in the magazine issue: Usher, Jared Leto, Ian Somerhalder, Ricky Martin, Liam Hemsworth, and twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

Who is your pick for hottest bachelor?


Images via People and Joe Manganiello/Instagram

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