Rosie O'Donnell Might Be Coming Back to the 'The View' for Good

Rosie O'DonnellFans of The View were a bit shocked when execs decided to fire hosts Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd, leaving only host Whoopi Goldberg. This follows the exodus of Barbara Walters, who retired, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who got her own show on Fox. No one knows yet who will replace the two booted hosts, but Brooke Shields and Kathy Griffin have been mentioned. Then again, they were mentioned when Joy Behar left. Even The Bachelorette Andi Dorfman has supposedly been considered. But now here comes a rumor that The View might be courting an ex-girlfriend -- a host who was already let go once. Who could it be? Sources tell Fox News that execs really want to bring back Rosie O'Donnell.


A source told Fox411:

The network executives really wanted Rosie back. They’re confident she has what it takes to add some controversy and drive the ratings up. It is a smart fit.

Rosie already said laters baby to The View back in 2007, when she hosted for one season, but apparently (according to her, anyway) didn't want to sign up for three.

Who knows if this is just maybe Rosie's camp planting ideas in execs' heads, because ABC said they are definitely not ready to comment on who will replace Jenny and Sherri.

Rosie would be a good idea, she always has something to say. On the other hand, that can be a bad thing too. Remember her big, ridiculous fight with Donald Trump?

Of course, execs could always spice things up by bringing on some fresh but unexpected characters. How about Tara the Hero Cat? She could dash over and body slam anyone who disagreed with her. Or Jeremy Meeks, the sexy felon? All the women on the panel would spend the entire time staring at him, he could basically say whatever he wanted, though he may have to telecommute in from prison. Jenelle Evans? She'd certainly stir the pot. And probably grab Whoopi's hair and wrestle her to the ground. I'm assuming Whoopi could gain control back though and give her a good beatdown.

Rosie is still someone who can command a camera and has plenty of opinions, but considering her show with OWN totally tanked, you wonder if she has an audience anymore.

We wait with bated breath ...

Who should take over on The View?


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