Miley Cyrus Showers With Her New Dog -- Yes, Showers

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has another new dog, everyone, and she introduced him to the world in typical Miley fashion. Miley snapped a pic of herself with her new pup, a Collie she named Emu, showering with her. Yes, showering. With her dog. Ermkay.


Fans are well aware of how devastated the singer was when her pooch Floyd mysteriously died. (Some reports say it was a coyote attack.) She even sang to a 60-foot blowup Floyd replica and often bemoaned Floyd's fate on Twitter.

Her mom, Trish, then got her another puppy, whom she named Moonie. But 10 days later, she posted that she wasn't ready for a new dog yet. Who knows what happened to that one.

But Floyd wasn't the first dog fatality in Miley's home. She once had another dog, named Lila, who reportedly bit the dust after one of Miley's other dogs supposedly "grabbed her in the wrong spot." That dog was reportedly also given away.

But that said, Miley must be getting over Floyd to have gotten a new dog (never mind the new shrine to Floyd she erected). Also, I'm sure this will help her continue to heal from Floyd's untimely and tragic death.

I'm really hoping it all works out for Emu too. Fingers crossed! (They're so crossed they're red and hurting.)

Meanwhile, Emu didn't look too upset with his shower. So hopefully he likes water. Because that's just a tad strange. Though not that strange in terms of Miley strange.

Do you think Emu will help her get over Floyd?

Image via MileyCyrus/Instagram

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