Lamar Odom Tells Khloe Kardashian the Last Thing She Needs to Hear

Khloe KardashianKhloe Kardashian might have had a most awesome 30th birthday, especially given that new boyfriend French Montana gifted her with a white Jeep, but at least a few minutes of her special day sound horribly awkward. Reportedly, Lamar Odom called up to wish his soon-to-be-ex a happy birthday (they're not divorced yet), and he couldn't help throwing in another comment too.


A source told Hollywood Life:

He made contact with Khloe on her birthday but said it was real, real brief. He just wanted to tell her happy birthday and wish her well on this new decade in her life.

Oh, but if only it had stopped there. Apparently, it did not. The source adds:

He even told her he 'loves her' and she said, 'Thank you,' but she didn't say, 'I love you' back. He was slightly hurt by that but he understood. He just wants to be on her radar, whether it's good or bad, he just wants to be on her mind as crazy as that sounds. She was nice.

He was slightly hurt by that?! What did he expect?!!!

Khloe has a new boyfriend and is clearly happy for once. Obviously, this is rankling Lamar, who reportedly has yet to sign the divorce papers.

It was Lamar who threw away this marriage like a hail Mary last minute play on court, and it's not surprising that he can only appreciate it now that it's gone. There is really nothing more infuriating than hearing "I love you" from someone who did nothing to prove it. Actions, my friends, not words, are what keep a relationship together.

Khloe stayed classy by not telling off Lamar for being all needy on her birthday, but she might not want to pick up next time.

Do you think he had the right to call?


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