Kendra Wilkinson’s Mom Rushes to Her Side Amidst Cheating Scandal

We just got over the explosively bad "perfect" reality show marriage that was Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott when we got hit with another: Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett. And Hank seemingly tried to out-douche Dean by cheating with a transsexual, Ava Sabrina London, while Kendra was eight months pregnant. Neither Hank nor Kendra has commented on the reports -- but there are some major signs that all is not well. Not well at all!


First off, Kendra has said nothing on Twitter since the news broke, and she normally tweets something every day or two. So. That's weird.

Also, just the fact that they haven't defended themselves is bizarre. Wouldn't you?

Plus, last week, London released a phone call between her and supposedly Hank -- with "Hank" (if it's him) begging her to keep quiet about their tryst.

And possibly the strongest clue of all: Kendra's mother, with whom Kendra has a very combative relationship, suddenly dropped everything and drove to Los Angeles to be with Kendra and the kids. She posted some photos on Instagram of her holding little Hank and newborn Alijah.

Considering that Patti had yet to meet Alijah, this would never have happened if Kendra wasn't in major pain right now. Especially since the last time they spoke, Kendra's mom, Patti, says her daughter told her, "I hope you die." Yikes. Imagine what she's said to Hank!

Also, US Weekly, which tends to be fairly reliable, reported that Kendra has kicked Hank out of the house (he was seen checking into a hotel last week) and is considering divorce.

Supposedly Kendra didn't believe the rumor at first but thought it was odd that Hank wasn't defending himself (ya think?). So she decided to do some snooping, and apparently an undetailed charge on his bank statement (the money Hank supposedly promised London to keep quiet?) caused her to go ballistic. Says the source:

[Kendra] flipped out. She punched holes into a wall of their home, tossed wedding photos into the pool, and yanked off her wedding band and flushed it down the toilet.

Ugh. If this all really happened, I can totally feel Kendra's pain.

People have made much of the fact that Kendra is no angel herself, and she once was Hugh Hefner's mistress. But, hey, once you're married, the game is over, unless you both agree to keep playing.

Well, if anything, anything at all, good can come out of this, maybe it's that mother and daughter are reunited?

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If any of this is true, I can't imagine why Hank chose to risk his family like this. Maybe he and Dean need to go to rehab together and get their own reality show. I personally would not watch. Well, maybe just a little bit, if there was nothing else on, and I was just flipping channels.

Watch to see if "Baskett" gets dropped from Kendra's social media accounts. Then we know things are bad.

Do you think that Kendra and Hank are on the verge of divorce?

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