Tori Spelling Tells the Truth About Her Crumbling Marriage

Tori SpellingTori Spelling's TMI reality show about her crumbling marriage, True Tori, ended weeks ago, but she can't stop talking about it. That's because she's now making the rounds to promote her new series with Jennie Garth, Mystery Girls, and everyone is asking about it. Tori already said her marriage is doing "better" (could it do worse?), but now she tackles those pesky rumors that the entire show was fake. And her answer makes a lot of sense.

Quizzed by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live about the show's veracity, Tori angrily denied it was fake, saying:

You couldn't get any more real. And, I'm not that good an actress ... in drama. In comedy, I excel.

Well, it's debatable whether she's the new Jennifer Aniston, but she's on target with her comment about her dramatic acting. Don't you remember those scenes from Beverly Hills 90210 when Donna Martin was supposed to be angry, or devastated, or anything other than slightly bewildered? There were no Emmy noms for Tori then -- not surprisingly.

Tori goes on to say that her most embarrassing scene from TT was the one in the bedroom where she has a complete meltdown and an "ugly cry." She tells Andy:

You never know you're an ugly crier until you see it on TV.

Is there such a thing as a pretty crier?

Unless Tori figured out how to act in the past 20 years, there's just no way those True Tori scenes were fake. I did, however, think that some of them were reshot. Especially the scenes with Tori and Dean's therapist. First off, there was more than one camera shooting different angles, that usually requires more than one take.

There were also a few scenes -- most notably the ones where Tori demanded the cameras be turned off because Dean was having another one of his mental breakdowns -- that rang tinny. There's no way Tori would ever demand a camera be turned off -- and I felt some Tori "acting" going on.

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But I'm a firm believer that the majority of the show was real -- that Dean did cheat, and that the scenes where Tori was crying and screaming and acting all cray were real. If not, then she really does need to audition for some better material.

As for Tori and Dean, she claims their marriage is better, but she took "McDermott" off her social media handles. That's usually the kiss of death for a Hollywood marriage. So stay tuned.

Do you think she faked her scenes? Do you think she's really not that good of an actress?

Image via Tori Spelling/Instagram



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Being... BeingLouise

So I think that all of us that had or has a crumbling marriage should have a show and tell all our business. Grow up nothing is oerfect. Pray about your marriage and stop making a circus show.

Vanessa Fasanella

While I feel sorry for her kids, I also feel sorry for her. Her father was always too busy making his shows, so now she wants to be on TV...maybe as a weird attempt to get attention and be loved. See? This is what happens when you neglect your children! They marry badly and crave attention from bad sources. (see Histrionic Personality Disorder)

justj123 justj123

I think she should be quiet about her personal life, leave him before she ends up in the mental hospital and then loses her kids forever!!

nonmember avatar Jena

They did the show for the money. They are too broke. I feel for the kids though. They shouldn't have to see all this garbage on display for the world to see.

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