Pippa Middleton Makes Embarrassing Confession in First TV Interview (VIDEO)

Pippa Middleton & Prince Harry

Watching Pippa Middleton's first TV interview was exciting enough in itself, being that we've never seen her on camera before -- but who else was hanging on her every word waiting for her to drop some bombshell about the royal wedding?!?

Duh. We all were. And much to our delight, Pippa finally opened up about the one thing we were all dying to hear about.

Her famous and magnificently perfect derriere.


Here's the clip of the first part of her interview with Matt Lauer. You gotta love the fact that he wasn't afraid to bring up her bum.

She was embarrassed? Seriously?!? Man. I know British women are a bit more prim and proper than American ladies -- but she shouldn't be so shy about just how incredible her rear end is. Hey, at least people weren't making a fuss over her appearance that day because she looked bad, right? I honestly can't believe she's never worn that dress again. Most of us would throw it on at least once a week as a confidence booster if it was hanging in our "wardrobe."

And I loved how she referred to the wedding as "just a family wedding." Uhhhh. I guess that's exactly what it was? You know, minus the millions of people all over the world who tuned in for it.

But aside from all of the wedding hoopla, this interview really gave us a glimpse into what an extraordinary person Pippa is. Can you believe she was able to complete that charity bike ride? Man. Talk about being in ridiculously good shape.

No wonder her bum is all sorts of amazing.

What surprised you most about Pippa in this interview?


Image via WPA Pool/Royal Wedding - The Newlyweds Greet Wellwishers From The/Getty Images

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