Andi Dorfman's Response to Pregnancy Rumors Is Not What We Expected

Andi Dorfman

Oh, for crying out loud. In what has to be one of the most dramatic rumors EVER to come out of The Bachelorette, InTouch magazine claims that Andi Dorfman is pregnant -- though she doesn't exactly know who the father is.

Yep. They have her right smack dab on the cover, with a great teaser: "A passionate night in the fantasy suite leads to shock -- and joy."


Supposedly Andi gets down and dirty with both Nick Viall and Josh Murray on their respective overnight dates. Lo and behold, now she's knocked up -- though it's anyone's guess as to who the father of the baby actually is.

And while the possibility of Andi having sex with more than one of her suitors isn't hard to believe -- her response to the pregnancy rumors really kind of says it all.

Ha! Can you believe she handled it that well? It's pretty surprising that she didn't go on a major f-bomb rant or whatever, given her track record for flying off the handle.

But I guess this means it's safe to assume she most definitely does NOT have a bun in the oven. Shocker.

Andi may be a lot of things, but stupid is not one of them. I'm guessing she took the proper precautions to avoid getting pregnant if she did actually sleep with any of the dudes on her season. (Duh, of course she did.)

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The last thing she needs is to turn up sporting a baby bump on the "After the Final Rose" show. I mean, can you even imagine how the guys would tear her apart for that one, particularly if she was intimate with them within hours of each other?!? (Gross.)

At this point, we can't even be sure that she and her final pick are still together. It's a good thing that she managed to put the pregnancy rumors to rest ... at least for now.

If she is engaged and happy, you know the tabloids will have her expecting twins by the end of the summer.

What do you think of Andi's response to the rumors?


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nonmember avatar krystian

She didn't put them to rest at all.......

You can get cramps while pregnant.

nonmember avatar Rcheo

Not exactly a classy response...

nonmember avatar lori

Nice way to catch a guy if she is.. Imagine being a guy on this show and the lucky winner gets a woman who may have slept with one or two of the other guys. Used goods. Gross.

Mark Swan

I must be really naive but I actually thought the Fantasy Suite was a time of self-control.

nonmember avatar Lynn Thompson

I don't like her at all. The only reason she acted the way she did on the Bachelor was to get a chance to be the Bachelorette. She is a Jewish Princess who frowns more than she smiles. Enough of her.

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