Robin Thicke Cries at BET Awards & Begs Paula Patton to Come Back

Another public event; another opportunity for singer Robin Thicke to make us all feel uncomfortable as hell as he -- yet again -- breaks down and declares his undying love for estranged wife Paula Patton.

The 37-year-old took the stage at last night's BET Awards looking like a lost puppy -- one that hadn't slept in ages. While sitting at his piano, Robin announced: "I'd like to dedicate this song to my wife and say 'I miss you and I'm sorry.' It's called 'Forever Love.'"

And then the waterworks began.

The heartfelt tune is one off his new album, Paula, and includes lyrics like, "If you ever need a friend, I will be the one" and "Every day I will believe that you and I are meant to be."

If the words he penned don't make it sufficiently obvious that the man is in real pain, the way he sniffles and wipes his face during the performance should. Folks, Robin is crying on stage over the breakup of his marriage. It's emotional and difficult to watch. For us. How Paula feels by this point -- who knows -- though I'm guessing she may be a little tired of the same old act?

This is, like, the hundredth time the "Blurred Lines" singer has begged for his wife's forgiveness on stage, and call me heartless, but it's getting quite tiresome. At this point, he has written countless songs for Paula, dedicated an entire album to her, and groveled in public more times that we can count.

The two separated in February after nine years of marriage and one child. Though they haven't been transparent about the reason for their split, rumor has it that Robin's wandering eye is to blame and that Paula simply got tired of his antics.

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While it's sweet that he knows he lost a really good thing, it feels far too much like he's capitalizing on their relationship to keep himself relevant and that's not okay.

Watch the video of his performance here and let us know what you think.

Do you think Robin has gone too far with his public declarations of love for Paula?


Image via Robin Thicke/Instagram

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abra819 abra819

Oh Robin, you're a cheating disgusting douche.


His album is called Paula? For real??

mrsary mrsary

Give it up dude! Smh

nonmember avatar PollyPocket

Robin, Robin .. its OK. You can have me ! :)

jaguar03 jaguar03

hes making an a** out of himself. Where was all this love when he was doing his thing?

mightymo mightymo

time to throw in the towel

keshiame keshiame

I personally think it's kinda sweet. Most guys do crazy stuff and just say sorry and expect you to come back. This man is literally throwing his feelings out there, which is hard for most men, just to make it better and get his family back. I'm not saying whatever he did to cause their split was right but, at the end at least her tried. Plus, who are we to judge nobody's perfect.

Vanessa Fasanella

I don't know what happened between them and I don't care, but I keep thinking Too Little Too Late.

happy... happygirl36

If it was me he was trying to get back that crap would get old.  I mean he's starting to look desperate and there's nothing attractive about that.  Maybe he should take 6 months or a year off away from everything to work on his marriage and focus on family.

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