'Sister Wives' Recap: Janelle Brown's Decision Has Us Cheering!

Sister WivesThis week's episode was supposed to be all about the teenage members of the Brown family, but it was Janelle Brown who really stole the show. Janelle has made no secret about her struggles with her weight and self-esteem. Over the course of a year, she's made tremendous strides, but lately between work and kids (something we can ALL relate to), she's plateaued. This week, with a little help from trainer Sean, Janelle kicked that plateau's butt and recommitted to her wellness plan.

I'm not one for personal trainers, and neither is Janelle! Sometimes when you're working out, the LAST thing you want is someone barking cliches about pain being weakness leaving the body into your (very sweaty) ears. Janelle griped a bit about Sean's love of symbols and metaphors, but the one he chose for her this week really struck home -- and it's not hard to see why! 


To remind Janelle of just how far she's come, he had her wear a vest that weighed the amount of pounds she's lost thus far. But he didn't stop there! Sean then made Janelle literally climb a mountain. Her eyes were sending daggers his way, and I don't blame her. I might have pushed the dude from the mountain and run off into the night if I was ever forced into a weighted vest. But Janelle's a better person than I am.

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She gritted her teeth, didn't murder Sean, and made it to the top of the mountain. Once they arrived, he made her shred the piece of paper where she'd written down what she thought was getting in the way of her progress -- for her, it was 'procrastination.' While I can't support the littering, the sentiment was incredibly moving and Janelle seemed to feel the same way. She definitely recommitted to fitness in that moment -- you could see it on her face! Go Janelle, go! 

What's been your biggest hurdle when it comes physical fitness?


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