Chelsea Houska's Amazing Bikini Body Will Have You Drooling (PHOTO)

Chelsea HouskaHoly hotness, South Dakota! We know Chelsea Houska's been on a health kick recently, but dayam, she showed off the fruits of her physical labor at the gym over the weekend with some super hot bikini pictures.

This Teen Mom 2 star is a Sioux Falls native, and even though she's posted some pretty hot pics of her slamming body recently, this is the first swimsuit photo of the season. Girl has definitely been holding back on us.

She posted this teaser early Sunday afternoon, with the caption, "Yeeeees ... Sunday funday at my casa."

And this one a little later, and our jaws collectively hit the ground. This one she posted with, "Haven't had a Sunday funday in a looong ass time ... and damn do I need it."

Oh my gosh, how freaking hot does she look? I'm loving the strapless top and leopard print bottoms. And of course Chelsea's kick-ass attitude -- in case you missed it because you were busy staring at her totally flat stomach, the reality star is flipping off the camera.

Whether it's a secret message or just a general one to her haters (how can anyone hate Chels?) is hard to tell, but one thing is for sure. Whatever Chelsea has been doing to slim and tone her rocking bod is working.

What do you think of Chelsea's bikini look?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jmo

Good for her. Hate the show & what it stands for and/or promotes, seeming to glorifying teen pregnancy. With a teen mom & bot yelling & screaming in front of small child. However, this girl seems to be a good mom & has pulled herself together. I wish she would stop her baby talk & whining though & give her daughter some breathing room, she's always in her face wanting a kiss or with a damn camera. Aubrey seems aggravated often. Overall kudos to Chelsea & HER father who's been a great support to her unlike other parents!

Madison Garton

Lol Cheryl, Jealousy looks awful on you....

nonmember avatar Katelyn

"She has an awful body" says the fat old lady with the perm. lol

krist... kristensmommy

Eat your heart out Adam! Theres the fat, stretchmarked bitch that you wanted to sign your mistake over to. It took her so long to get over him and focus on herself again. It was all about that douche and Aubree. Now its just the two of them and shes successful!! You go girl!!!

nonmember avatar phishmomm81

Stretch mark bitch? what stretch marks? is he hallucinating? Or are men really that shallow? I think there should be a special place in hell reserved for men or even other women who insult a women's bodies after pregnancy. and for the commenter who says she looks awful. i just had a tummy tuck and I look almost identical to her. i don't think I look awful I feel like a million bucks. I think you are just jealous.

nonmember avatar alex

adderall. she is a hairstylist. Everyone is on it that works in a salon. -standard

Ron Eppley

I personally like Elle Mcphersons body at 50 than Chelsea

luvmy... luvmybubs

She doesn't look horrible and no matter what you all know she has changed her body. And adderall is not what every single person in a salon (Chelsea works in a spa by the way) uses. Why can't people just give her props. She's happy and comfortable in her own skin and that should be all that matters.

holly... hollywood222222

It seems some people only respect an opinion when it's the same as their own. I agree that she looks horrible. Ratty extensions, horrible tan; compliments her annoying voice well. This girl is dependent on others, wants her daughter to have NOTHING to do with her father and takes no responsibility for herself. Hell, she slept with Adam with his girlfriend was pregnant! No self respect, always blaming others. Hopefully her daughter didn't inherit her extreme self consciousness

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