'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Kardashian Takes an Awesome Stand Against Racism

Kim Kardashian Tonight we finally saw the awful incident of racism that blindsided Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner in Vienna. It was all over the tabloids and other news outlets when it happened, but watching the events in Vienna unfold before our eyes made them that much more nauseating. In case you missed it, Kim was invited to host the Vienna Ball (held, appropriately, in Vienna), an annual event for charity. The LAST thing she expected was a man dressed in totally horrific black face (DEAR LORD) following her around loudly announcing that he was Kanye. BARF. He should be ashamed! 

But right from the beginning, things weren't going the way Kim or Kris expected. First off, Kris pretty quickly discovered that looooads of the stuff she packed for the trip hadn't made the voyage along with the ladies. Odds aren't high that her unmentionables wandered off -- you know that noise was stolen! 

The duo should have taken that as a bad omen and left Vienna fast. But, being professionals, they hung around. And how were they rewarded? With mistreatment and racism. BOO. There's just no excuse for what unfolded. I'm sure they could sense from that moment on that something wasn't right. But I doubt either woman knew that the trip would end the way it did. 

Was it annoying to be pushed around and rushed to get ready for the event? Absolutely. Was it even more annoying to find that Kim had been signed up for a meet and greet she had no idea about? Sure. But it was the fact that this man in black face was allowed to follow her around being offensive and insulting that was truly unforgivable. This event seemed to tip the hate scales, and Kim had to deal with, sadly, even more hate speech. The only positive thing that came out of the whole ordeal was Kim's blog entry decrying racism. She could have stayed silent or lashed out, but she took an adult approach and did what she could to make a difference. That's admirable!

Do you think Kim handled the situation well?


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nonmember avatar Mistakes

With due respect, you aren't considering that this took place in Europe. The guy in makeup wasn't attempting to do American "blackface" minstrel, which is indeed offensive in American history and society. The makeup didn't have the same connotation in Europe. They probably should have realized it would offend an American, which is stupid of them, but it wasn't intentional. The second guy clearly thought he was making a joke by quoting Kanye's song title and replace "Paris" with "Venice". Again, a misunderstanding and certainly he stuck his foot in his mouth, but he wasn't intending to offend. Just as Americans frequently say or make gestures in other countries that are innocent in North America and very offensive over there. If these happened in New York or LA, yes, I'd cry racist. Getting robbed - agreed, that's awful.

nonmember avatar Tessi Grimm

Kim didn't host the Vienna Ball, she was paid $250,000 to be the escort of an old billionaire. She may have had problems with what was said to her at the ball, but she certainly had NO problem cashing the check.

nonmember avatar toshia goosby

I think she went beyond nice. I would have slapped the asshole face. Kim and Kris did not deserve any of what went on over there.

nonmember avatar Fine

I agree with "Mistakes" above. It's laughable how Kim and Kris take themselves so seriously. The reality is that Kris is just an uneducated social climber who made a name for herself by marrying relatively rich and successful men. And then she hit the jackpot with this show. Kim is following in her footsteps. In the end, her husband is a hardcore rapper with a malignant ego and an infamous moment at an awards show. We never heard her thoughts on all that-- did we? Of course, according to the Kardashians, he's an upstanding citizen. Compared to the wannabe thug her husband is, the "offensive" people at the ball were nothing.

Kim, since your husband has a song out called "N****s In Paris," wipe that shocked grin off your face when someone overseas makes a joke about it. Incidentally, does your husband sing your daughter to sleep with that song? No? How about "Gold Digger?" "Black Skinhead"? "Hold My Liquor"? It aggravates me that people still watch you.

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