Beyonce and Jay Z Make an Example Out of Justin Bieber at Their Concert (VIDEO)

Beyonce and Jay Z are absolutely crushing it with their On the Run tour. In addition to wowing crowds with their never-before-seen wedding footage and a countless array of costumes that show off Bey's gravity-defying booty, the talented duo know how to stir up trouble by involving other celebs in their show.

I speak today of the notorious Justin Bieber. The pop singer and bad boy made an appearance at their opening night show in Miami. Only he wasn't actually there -- and the way they represented him delighted some folks and pissed off some true-blue Bieber fans.

During their performance of Jay Z's hit "H to the Izzo," Beyonce and her husband displayed a running montage of celebrity mugshots. Judging by the way Beyonce reportedly announced that "even the greatest can fall," the point of this video montage wasn't to celebrate or chastise these celebs, but to rather show how easily the most revered person can become Public Enemy #1.

Well, they included lots of well-known and respected stars like David Bowie, Robert Downey Jr., Jane Fonda, Jim Morrison. But nothing got the audience more riled up than when Jay Z shouted out "poof," causing the music to cut out for a second, after which Bieber's mugshot appeared on the big screen.

And everyone went wild.

Most Beliebers totally got what the couple was trying to do and had a good laugh on Twitter about the way Justin's mugshot was displayed. Bieber himself retweeted this post by Justin Bieber Babes:

Obviously, there are no hard feelings here.

But some of his fans didn't understand the point Bey was trying to make. One had this to say about it: "the fact that @justinbieber's mugshot was shown at @Beyonce's concert followed by "even the greatest fall." that's just f***'d."

Oh well, you can't win them all.

Personally, I don't see this as an insult to the celebs whose mugshots were used during their concert, but rather a statement about how quickly things can come tumbling down around even the wealthiest, most famous folks on the planet.

Check out this video of the performance and judge for yourself:

Do you think Beyonce and Jay Z were insulting Bieber by including his mugshot in their concert performance?


Image via Brock Miller/Splash News/Corbis



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luvmy... luvmybubs

Isn't the statement true? The kid was one of the most popular people in America and went as low as having a petition started to remove him from the country. Famous people sometimes forget what that means, without fans talent does not matter.

Bruic... Bruickson

This is a little off subject but I don't get the big deal about jay z and Beyonce and especially justin bieber. I mean, they're good but they've got nothing on some of the artists whose mugshots were shown. Jim Morrison, tupac, David my opinion they'll never even be on the same level.

nonmember avatar Wow

I think beyonce and jayz are horrible people. Was it necessary for them to do that, No. They act like they are Gods gift to the world when they are not and one day their fame will fall. Their music is not even that good anymore so i don't know why people still go to their concerts or listen to their music. I know there was speculation about them being in the illuminati but the more things I see them do on tv, I truely feel that they worship some type of evil cause they have the world brainwashed. Please see through their nonsense and bull shit. I used to lovr these two before they were a couple in their own careers but together they are working for the devil.

nonmember avatar me

did they include jayz mugshot too? i mean it was before he was a famous multimillionaire but if you decide to show other peoples shots and not include your own, for stabbing someone none of the less, then thats little two faced.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

The lyrics are "poof.... Vamoose son of a b*tch" maybe he was talking to the Biebs. That's how I feel...

nonmember avatar Mae

No. JB acts like he is God gift to the world.

I am no bey or jay fan but I get what they are saying

nonmember avatar presage

Really?! The author is unsure if this is offensive? Given all of their hate Whitey shit, f@#k the law etcetc, this is cool? Truly, I'd like to know how m any blacks showed up on the 'fallen' list. These people obviously are threatened by anyone's success, as they so blatantly prove with this little display! How OLD are they?!?! Bieber? Not a fan, but he gets a pass, he's quite young. But these azzholes think because they hang out with our pos precident (misspelled ON PURPOSE) they are at the top of the admonishment charts. Yes, life advice from b-oncey, and moochell...why don't they just get to the bare bones? Marry ugly, controlling azzholes that have money :) ding

Eva Jolop

Are you some sort of moron Lisa Forgarty?

Jay Z pleaded guilty to stabbing a man in 2001 and dealt crack for over a decade to his own community, causing untold despair.

Jay z put his own mug shot in the montage and Beyonce did not speak as an ACTUAL VIDEO reveals. In addition, Bieber was just one of many faces in the montage and was not focused on at all.

"IZZO," which you obviously haven't listened to, is about beating the charges and tells the story of Jay Z doing exactly that.

It is the media which have singled Bieber out in this ridiculously fake narrative, because you're obsessed with him. Jay Z would be the last person to point the finger at a kid who egged a house and other nonsense, when Jay Z hismelf nearly went down for murder.

I have to say Forgarty I find your ignorance and lack of even basic research truly shocking.

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