News Anchor Makes Cringe-Worthy On-Air Comments About Reporter's Body (VIDEO)

We get it, Greg Kelly, you're really fond of Fox News reporter Anna Gilligan's body. She's definitely a pretty girl. And you're a red-blooded heterosexual American man. So we know why you'd be attracted to her. But did you have to ogle her in front of the nation? Gross!

The Fox News anchorman, who co-hosts Good Day New York with take-no-nonsense anchorwoman Rosanna Scotto, pulled a Ron Burgundy recently when he couldn't stop talking about his colleague's physique in a feature shot at a popular theme park. Watch this video and remind yourself that this is 2014, not 1974.

Gilligan, who looks young enough to be Kelly's daughter, appears slightly uncomfortable as she agrees to don a bikini and try out an exciting new ride called the Tarzan Rope Swing at New Jersey's Action Park that requires her to swing from a rope and throw herself into a pool.

The things people do for their jobs.

If that isn't bad enough, she then had to deal with Kelly's awkward comments about her two-piece and her body. The second she emerged from the water, instead of asking about the ride, Kelly said: "First of all, nice bathing suit." Ick.

When she tried to gracefully end the segment and, in her words, go put on some clothing, the anchorman kept asking her questions to keep her on air so he could chat her up.

Oh, boys will be boys!

Poor Scotto -- who tells Kelly to "stay appropriate" -- is probably thinking the same thing as most women in America: for the love of God, dude, think with your big head, please, this is your place of business.

Granted, Gilligan agreed to do this on TV, so you could argue she opened herself up to men making comments. But I'm imagining she didn't think she'd have to deal with those comments at work. On air. By a colleage who is supposed to respect her.

Watch the segment and let us know what you think:

Do you think Kelly crossed a line here or did Gilligan invite this type of response by wearing a bikini on TV?


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nonmember avatar Jeana

No, f!ck that .. she invited everything she got, she knew what she was doing! She didn't have say she didn't know what was scarier, jumping in "Or taking off my clothes hehehe." Even right before that she placed a pretty UNsubtle emphasis on the fact that all she had left to do was unrobe -- who the heck says that?? Unless there is more prior to what we are shown on the video clip then I say she opened up that can of worms!

Ben Bookbinder

Heh, of all the times and places for this to happen, at Action Park, and on of a few rides that was known for lost bikini tops.

Ben Bookbinder

And just so nobody misunderstands my previous comment, I say this as someone who knows most of the legends, and who went to the original place, witnessed the lawlessness, and survived there, there is jsut something ... interesting... about, all these years later, something like this happening there.

nonmember avatar joan crowley

1. A young woman was give an assignment that involved wearing a bathing suit. As a young reporter she doesn't get to say no if she wants to keep her job. 2. Young women should not have to deal with harassment. Nothing in her behavior was suggestive. It is time we put responsibility on the shoulders of the offender and in this case it is the middle aged man. Grow-up. 3. Being a red blooded man or boys will be boys is so asinine in this day and age . Humans feel an urge to have bowel movements sometimes stronger than other times but humans understanding the health , societal, and estetic consequences will do anything to make it to the bathroom. It is time to insist humans manage to control their sexuality and wait to act on it until they are in an appropriate setting. 4. Did anyone notice how they ran over to her with the mic and ear piece before she was able to cover-up.?

Choco... Chocodoxies

How can anyone argue that she was in the wrong? Good God! That is exactly what victim blaming is. She was forced to do the scene, that is a perfectly acceptable attire for the occasion, and he was incredibly unprofessional and disrespectful. He should, at least, be made to apologize for his heterosexuality overflowing into a sexually fueled oggling that the nation was forced to watch. When is it acceptable to hold HIM accountable for HIS actions? If he wipped out his penis and began to stroke it while he oggled her? For God's sake...

D.j. Lord

who hasnt done this and she doesnt seem to have a problem...the baldwin defense

Samal... Samalama319

Thats actually sexual harrasment.

AliPa... AliParker

Maybe I secretly love attention and don't even know it myself because I am always flattered when hit on. Maybe with more class but I would have just laughed his comments off and forgot about it.

He was a little "wolf with bulging eyes" about it and definitely not subtle but I just don't think it was a big deal. And she didn't seem bothered.

Could she have chose a bathing suit with more coverage? Yeah. But she was comfortable in what she had on and I don't see a problem. I think "woman shaming or victim shaming" when girls are dressed to the least just comes from the fact that because it's made that small doesn't mean you have to have it that small. Even though I'm comfortable with my body and can wear a tiny bikini, I prefer the more modest route and choose a tankini. I'm more comfortable that way. In my opinion woman that wear next to nothing even men, in speedos, are grasping for attention. But I don't think she is a victim or it bothered her. She looks good and is comfortable with it.

Shirley Strickler

O my gosh,people need to lighten up I thought he was funny!!

TheLa... TheLadyAmalthea

This dude is the very definition of sleeze ball.

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