Kim Kardashian's Nude Dress Is So Tight She Might as Well Be ... Nude (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian Kendall Jenner

Wow. Talk about leaving exactly nothing to the imagination. We've seen her step out in some pretty snug pieces of clothing before, but Kim Kardashian's nude dress, which she wore out and about in NYC today, is quite possibly the tightest thing she's ever put on her body.

I mean ... it hugs her curves so well that her shapewear is clearly visible beneath the garment. That makes us wonder how she even managed to get this dress on without it getting stuck and pulling and/or bunching up.

I'm not exaggerating, people. It really is THAT tight.

Kim Kardashian Kendall Jenner

OMG. I. Can't. Breathe.

(And something tells me neither could Kim.)

Granted, she has the body for this dress and there's no way in hell she could wear it if she had even one ounce of fat on her -- but being slim and trim can't make it any easier to walk in this thing! And the only way we'd see any more of her figure is if she'd been naked -- so it's a wonder she even bothered to get dressed at all.

But since her goal in stepping out in this particular frock was no doubt to capture our attention, she certainly succeeded -- and then some.

Lately she's really been upping the ante on the shock factor as far as her jaw-dropping outfits go. We can only imagine what she'll turn up sporting once the weekend rolls around.

(Oh, you're right. She's about due for another bikini parade any day now.)

Would you ever wear a dress this tight?


Image via GSNY/Splash News



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nonmember avatar Grace

I fail to see the shock value in wearing a dress for the illusion of being nude when all the dress does is draw attention to her spanx lines, muffin top, cellulite and back fat.

nonmember avatar angelina

Seriously? It's cotton (or something like it) and elastic. Which means its stretchy and comfortable. Lame article, you sound jealous and bitter.

Jtrip Jtrip

Not flattering at all!

IBNea... IBNeaters

Even though I don't like it, it's a lot better than most of the crap she wears--at least she's covered.

Nicol... NicoleMaria143

I swear u writers are just so damn negative. Either you like Kim or you don't, pick one. Because you really sound like a bitter jealous fat woman all the time Mary. I hate reading your articles. It could be a two piece and thats her underwear line why don't you ask her. If I was Kim I'd hate you lol.

nonmember avatar Mimsy

Her spanx lines be showin'.

The dress isn't shocking. I really hope no one is being paid for these "articles".

Randi... Randijt154

Her shape isn't sexy and that dress is terrible.

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