How Kate Gosselin & Bethenny Frankel Are Exactly Alike, Plus 'RHONY' Firing Rumors (VIDEO)

Bring on the flying pigs and the raining frogs, people, because I agree with Andy Cohen. About what, might you ask? Watch today's exclusive video below to find out! Also, the Kate Plus 8 special and why Kate Gosselin reminds me of Bethenny Frankel, and how Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars just got REAL.

The Kate Plus 8 sextuplet birthday special concluded last night, and there is SO much to talk about. All week I've been hearing about Kate, that infamous tell-all book, and what type of a mother she REALLY is. I came to some surprising conclusions and can't wait to hear your feedback -- agree or am I crazy? Also, there are some interesting things I noticed about Kate that compare to Ms. Skinnygirl herself, Bethenny Frankel. Watch and see whether you're with me on this.

Next, it's episode 4 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and I think they've finally cut to the chase. It was refreshing, and for me this is finally when the series got exciting to watch. I'm looking at it from 180 degrees, both from a viewer perspective and one who has done not only reality TV but also television, 24/7 therapy. Why was the showdown between Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley so important? Is Roger being mean to JWoww, or does he have a point? Also, a HUGE bombshell about Housewives and therapy that I've been thinking for years but afraid to say out loud, for reasons I'll explain in today's episode.

Finally, I'm sure you've heard the rumors about The Real Housewives of New York City casting and firing gossip. From one who has really, TRULY walked in those shoes, I give you my take.

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Are you convinced that Kate and Bethenny are actually a lot alike?

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nonmember avatar Pcofwork

Alex has nailed it again!

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

Interesting commentary.  And yes, Bethenny and Kate are similar in the way you pointed out.  The only question I have is:  How on earth could you stand to be around Bethenny on RHoNY?  I thought she was a tiresome nag even back then, before she got her spin off.  Was your friendship real, or was it cooked up for story-line purposes?  Working with her must have tested your patience.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

I agree. Bethenny's voice was like fingernails on a blackboard. Nasal shreeeeek. I love the RHONY. I think the whole cast clicks and I really like Lou Ann. lol shoot me.

Julie Johnson

Alex-bitternes does not become you. Well spoken however.

Julie Johnson

Oops "bitterness."  Yes I am educated, just a lazy proofreader. ;)


thali... thaliajen

I like the review of Kate Plus 8. I never liked Kate's attitude but I have 1 child to her 8- I haven't walked in her shoes. I didn't quite get the Bethenny Bashing. I think you are who you are, and TV will only heighten it. Bethenny comes from a good place. As for the RHONY- too bad the rumor wasn't true!  The only part of the rumor I disliked was that they were keeping Ramona. I think it should be cancelled or recast with former housewives. When they cut Jill, they cut the last person to stand up to Ramona and keep it as real as reality can. And I hated losing Alex as she was the one I related to the most. The new girls (as I'll always refer to them) are boring, entitled & nasty. The last 2 are fine in reality world, but "boring" is a no-no. I'll always think of the show as the one Andy Cohen ruined. Firing half the cast after it's a proven success is nuts. Now they need viewers to watch the reuinion b/c this show is a hot mess. When they have to send the girls on bad vacations each week, you KNOW something's up. I hadn't planned on watching the reunion- I took RHONY off my DVR list last season but caught 3 episodes when traveling. One was the "Ramona Loses Her Mind" episode where she threw a glass. I don't like the manipulation that goes on, but Bravo can't be so stupid as to think that they can get away with another season of this. Wait- it IS Bravo. Maybe I'm wrong. I STILL can't get over the fact that they got a 2nd season.

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