Andi Dorfman & Final Pick Both Cast on 'Dancing With the Stars'? (SPOILERS)


Andi Dorfman

Huh. That's funny. I thought she insisted that she has absolutely no interest in fame, but if a new report saying that Andi Dorfman will be on Dancing With the Stars season 19 is true, it's obvious that she digs life in the spotlight a LOT more than she's letting on.

Yep. According to Hollywood Life, Andi has already been offered the gig and is preparing to give her dancing skills a whirl. It looks like we probably haven't seen the last of her as far as reality TV goes.

Oh ... and did I mention her final pick will supposedly compete against her on DWTS season 19?


The word on the street is that Andi chooses Josh Murray as the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I guess she'll have the chance to see his fancy footwork in action before committing to having that first dance at their wedding -- if they do manage to stay together for the long haul.

And while casting both of them on DWTS is a genius move for ABC in terms of ratings, this could potentially hurt both of their reputations in the long run.

Even Andi has worried about Josh being a total player since her season of The Bachelorette started. It wouldn't exactly be a huge shocker if he's been leading her on the whole time in the hopes of scoring a career in showbiz.

And Andi has been insisting that she'll eventually return to her job at the district attorney's office -- but if she's signed on for DWTS, her move back to Georgia will be pushed back yet again.

On a positive note, if this rumor is true and Andi and Josh are headed for the ballroom, I guess it will be a good test as to whether or not their relationship will hold up. Considering they'll be grinding all over two ridiculously hot individuals for weeks on end, being part of DWTS will make or break them for sure.

Will you be excited if Andi and Josh are on DWTS?


Image via ABC

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count... countrygirl48

if they truly love each other then it will last a life time but they have to know that they both will be dancing like down and dirty so this will tell all 

Sandra Justice

I wouldn

t mind seeing Josh on there.


nonmember avatar Susan

That just ruined DWTS for me. Josh ok but don't want to see anymore if Andi!

Carol Cromer

Andi has already resigned from ass't DA job.  I have said from the start that she only wanted fame, not a mate.

Ann Morris

Yes I can't wait to c them they make a cute couple!!

Debbie Lane

no they should not go on Dancing with the Stars. Maybe Nick LOL but not them. I do not think DWTS should even ask. Let them plan the wedding of their Dreams. Back off DWTS. I have watched you from the very first show and love it and will always watch you,but if you have them on well that would SUCK and I personally will not watch. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS TAKE NICK AFTER HE STOP CRYING>

Lois P Clark

YES YES CAN'T WAIT1!!Love both they are perfect!!

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