'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate's Sweet Comments Leave Us Teary!

Kate Gosselin Kate Gosselin might have been feeling a lot of stress leading up to the 10th birthday celebration for her sextuplets, but this week we saw it was all worth it -- and more! Sure, Kate was harried, frantic, and stressed to the max. She was the first to admit to the cameras that she is a perfectionist, and when she has her heart set on something, she's got to have it. But even type-A mom Kate was able to let go and see that her party was a success.

I don't know how she did it without keeling over. I got tired just watching her put together the massive carnival-themed party that was an homage to the kids' 3rd birthday. Kate had a lot of prep to do, including buying dozens of fish to give away and trying to build a huge cake that looked like a carnival tent for the kids. But the stress never got to her. 

It seems like from how happy she was with the end results, Kate has learned a lot over the past few years. Foremost among those things? Perspective and an awestruck level of wonder and appreciation when it comes to her kids. 

I'm not normally a person easily won over, especially when it comes to reality stars, but it's hard to deny the facts as they are presented: Kate seems so much happier than she ever has before. Rather than roll her eyes and complain constantly about the level of work she has to do, Kate got emotional talking about why the party was so important to her. It's not just another birthday to her, it's a reminder that she has eight healthy children who have made it this far against all odds. That's actually super touching! No, I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye, OKAY?

Do you think Kate has changed?


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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I think, at the core of it all, she's a good and decent mother. This whole fame thing is what turned her into a monster. But she's stuck, isnt she? How else is she going to make the sort of money that they're used to now? Certainly not nursing..so..looks like we'll be stuck with her in the public eye.

ldyla... ldylancer03

I think she totally means we'll and loves her kids dearly. And agree with ^^^ with saying how else is she gonna make what she makes doing something else. To live how they live. I just can't get over the kids being 10. So grown up looking and just crazy. Remember when they were babies :) time sure does fly

Alynn74 Alynn74

  I have a huge problem with the way her kids talk to her and each other. That's learned from somewhere and I doubt it's the camera crews.

Mommy... Mommy1438

Yeah, okay... People who believe a SINGLE thing on reality TV are so ridiculous. You sound like morons. She knew she was going to be filmed, she most likely preformed and prepared those little "sweet comments" beforehand. I highly doubt she was just speaking from her heart. I don't see a good happy mom when I see her-never did. I saw an overcontroling, physcho, angry, stressed mother. I never heard or saw anything that said she was like 'what can I do to make my kids happy?' she always seem to be thinking 'what can I do to control every detail of every situation and make these kids how I think they should be?'. Just my opinion but I don't see how anyone thinks she's so loving and secure. Ps she was seen violently hitting one of her kids years ago. And refusing one water during an interview.

nonmember avatar Connie Hendren

We remember why we could not stand her. ....poor kids! She is only in it for herself!

nonmember avatar Lucille

I'm glad to see that "Kate plus 8" show is back. I give her a lot of credit raising all the kids on her own & dealing with 2 teenagers & 6 other beautiful growing little kids. She does a great job with those kids. And she's beautiful as ever!

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