Only 1 ‘RHONY’ Star Remains After Reported Bravo Firing Spree


For diehard fans of the show, a big casting change isn't that much of a surprise. The show has been suffering in the ratings all season. For some reason, The Real Housewives of New York don't have the same magical (and manic) mix as their Atlanta cohorts. Still, no one expected this type of blood bath. According to Radar Online, all but one of the RHONY got the axe. You'll never guess who survived!

So who's out? Say goodbye to Sonja Morgan, Heather Thomas, LuAnn de Lesseps, and Carole Radzwill. The only full-time castmember remaining will be -- RAMONA SINGER. That's right. The pinot-swilling, catty, self-absorbed businesswoman is the lone survivor.

Aviva Drescher, however, won't be totally out of the picture. Apparently, she will have a scaled-down guest role. But network execs are already reportedly interviewing new prospective Housewives in the Big Apple. We can only imagine what they will be like. Word is, the women on this current season just weren't dramatic enough. They may have flung champagne glasses, bitched and complained, and even slept around -- but that wasn't good enough. Bravo wants some wild, over-the-top drama next season and are cherry-picking the woman who will bring it.

I have to say, I will miss some of the characters. Sonja always brought the crazy and Heather was never one to back down from a fight. Well, can't wait to see what the new crew is like and how Ramona will fit in.

Who will you miss the most?


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youth... youthfulsoul

That's too bad. I liked most of those girls. Can't stand RHOA.

nonmember avatar liz

I don't believe they axed the whole cast and only kept The Moaner

Suzanne Gorencel Ambs

All of them BUT Aviva....She was a neurotic pain in the butt.  I loved Carole, Sonja, Heather and finally get familiar with the cast and then they blow it up!

Carole Stano

should have been the other way around with ramona being fired. guess this season will be my last one watching, i can not stand ramona.

nonmember avatar Pamela

In regards to RHONY I will miss all. My preference would have been to see Ramona get the ax. And of those cut I will miss Sonya the least!

nonmember avatar Amy Domzalski

Ramona complains and bitches way too much. I love Heather Carole and the rest Sonja can go she is a tramp and can't stand aviva or her pig of a father. Why would put up with that old fart. He's gross and just plain scum.

nonmember avatar mellea

I like Ramona, she's a character. I like her personality. Sonja spiced it up a bit as well. But the remaining characters not so much, therefore I think overall a good decision.

Lori Metrick-Lewis

The only one I'll miss is Sonja. Really did not care for the other ladies, glad they're not going to be back. Please keep Sonja, her and Ramona make a great tag team.

nonmember avatar SexiGirl

They fired all the ones that kept me watching the show and kept the one I cannot stand. Ramona is a pretentious, self-absorbed, egotistical and annoying whiner. I guess I won't be tuning into the new season!! In fact I have really stopped watching most of the Real Housewives shows because of the people they have axed and the ones they have kept. Why keep the women on the RH shows that set bad examples instead of those who reflect great examples of women in the world today?? I would rather watch Carol Radzwill stand up to Aviva on RHONY then Ramona manipulating the girls with emotional BS because she's too high-class and snobby to go to the "Berkshires or Montana" because those places are way beneath her and her Hampton retreats that have air conditioning. Get Real already Bravo, you are even allowing a women that has lied, cheated and falsified bankruptcy records with her husband (Theresa w/ RHONJ) to stay employed by your company, while slapping all other people in the face who would be thrown in prison for the same crime, to flash their lifestyles and lies on national TV.

Marilynne Dwire

I'll believe it when I see it. I call bullshit on the whole article.

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