'Dance Moms' Diva Abby Lee Miller Is Rewarded for Her Bad Behavior (VIDEO)

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Did you know that Kelly Hyland's lawsuit against Abby Lee Miller could destroy ALL reality television? With that in mind, should Lifetime have rewarded Abby with a Dance Moms spinoff? In today's exclusive video, I examine the premiere of Abby's Studio Rescue and just why businesses would choose to participate. How do these shows work? I'll tell you. Also, we dip into MTV's Catfish, the Miranda & James episode. I finally think I figured out what those MTV editors are doing with us. Watch after the jump!


That lawsuit is something else, let me tell you. Depending on who wins, it could either bring down reality TV or spawn a whole new show -- which do you think will happen?

But back to the spinoff ... there's only so much a dance mom can do in four days. You can paint the walls, but you can't teach kids to dance like pros. But ... there's some very careful casting going on here, calculated for maximum drama. First off, take a look at the dance studio's website. Not bad, eh? Now, in today's episode below, I take you through what the producers and Lifetime probably did to make this week's episode happen.

Next, I was beginning to think that Catfish must just be totally, utterly FAKE. Until last night, when I saw an episode that seemed like it could really, truly happen in real life. What do you do when the catfisher just won't show up? How do you make an hour of watchable television out of a situation you've already spent money on? And ... who got Catfished by Catfish? All that and more on the Miranda & James drama in today's exclusive video below: Watch now!

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Do you think Abby Lee Miller is really as rude and obnoxious as she seems on the show?


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