Jenelle Evans' Pre-Baby Plans Sound Absolutely Exhausting

Jenelle Evans

OMG. Please tell me I'm not the only one who wakes up every day and immediately checks to see whether or not Jenelle Evans has given birth to baby Kaiser yet! Her due date is June 29, so she should be going into labor at any given time now.

But even though she only has a few days (or hours!) left until she becomes a mom again, Jenelle isn't sitting around wasting time. Wait until you hear what she managed to accomplish today even though she's as pregnant as pregnant women get.

Yep. She probably could've gotten some sort of extension on finals, given her condition -- but Jenelle is determined to finish school before her new baby arrives.

Um, if this isn't enough to shut up her haters once and for all, I really don't know what is. What other moms-to-be do you know who focus on their education in the days leading up to their child's birth? Hell, all I cared about right before I had my son was soaking up every ounce of couch time I possibly could. It speaks volumes about Jenelle's transformation over the past year that she's making school her number one priority. But damn ... she has to be pretty worn out right about now!

I'm sure once she gets today over and done with, she'll be more than ready to get the show on the road as far as bringing Kaiser into the world goes. Hopefully he won't wait too much longer before finally making his highly anticipated entrance!

What did you do in the days leading up to giving birth?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jessica

The day I went into labor I sat through a day of college classes and did homework while I was in labor. I had my son and was back to school full time in 4 days. I graduated on time with a degree in finance. Unlike Janelle, I never had my child taken from me. Don't act like she's mother of the year just yet... we have yet to see if she can actually care for her new son full time. I wish her the best and hopefully she can stay motivated because it would be such a shame for 2 little boys to lose their mother!

nonmember avatar itsamystery

I agree; it's brutal caring for a newborn so I hope she can hang in there with this one and also get her other son back. That's going to be a challenge for her because it seems like she falls back on drugs to "take herself out of the game or make herself incompetent." I hope she realizes this pattern, stays sober, and cares for her children (with or without this latest "partner" because he may or may not stick around)

nonmember avatar amber

I was taking all my classes up to my induction date plus doing all my homework and I went back to school after having my son also. I hope that janelle can balance it all out its hard. Also there are plenty of moms that do this and they dont get any credit so heres props to all us moms who work our butts off to better our lives and our children lives we deserve praise as well.

nonmember avatar hmmm

I went to school every day until my son was born, I think she is one of the worst mother's out their so immature and childish she will never grow up despite how much everyone says she's accomplished in the last year, she didn't even raise her first son how's she going to raise this one she is someone who should not have kids or be allowed!

marin... marinesangell

No I think what would shut the "haters" up is her getting Jace back and show that she can take care of both boys and stay completely sober. She might be doing better with some things, but let's not forget that she has recently posted pictures with bongs in the background well after she came out saying she was pregnant. Not to mention her openly admitting to smoking weed while pregnant. There has been proof to this posted as well.

Meria Runyon

i just hope that she be a better mom to her 2 son she needs to take care of 1 one as well


Beaep Beaep

Marinesangell. I personally have no problem with someone smoking WEED during pregnancy. Would it be better to vaporize to avoid the smoke lowering the oxygen content of your breath? Sure.... But it it helps with drastic morning sickness. The first time I was pregnant I quit smoking it immediately, as soon as I found out....I didnt smoke tobacco at all already. So come to find out, I loose 20 pounds and the doctor starts flipping out. I couldnt eat, threw up even if I didnt eat. Know what would have helped? smoking a joint... it assists cancer patients to eat, it also assists morning sickness.. There are studies right now asking whether it increases a childs intellegence.  This is neither here nor there, on the increase, but it doesnt decrease the intellegence. It does not HARM at all. It is a medication, to be used when needed, not staying high all the time...and better to be eaten than smoked anytime because of the actual smoke...but, it can help.

In addition, smoking cigarattes is more harmful and has more chemicals that harm than marijuanna does...just so you know. Nicotine itself is what causes low birth rates and brain damage. Marijuanna does not contain nicotine, it contains THC, which is a cannaboid. Cannaboids are being scientifically studied to find out aditional benifits. (such as tumor shrinkage)

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