Next 'Bachelor' Reportedly Chosen but He's Not Who We Expected (SPOILERS)

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The official announcement as to who will be the next Bachelor probably won't be made until The Bachelorette "After the Final Rose" special. But duh, of course there are already spoilers going around identifying the dude who landed the gig.

Supposedly one of Andi Dorfman's rejects will be giving finding love on TV another shot. This time, he'll have his pick of 25 ladies instead of competing with other guys to date just one woman.

And if the reports are true and this particular man is the next Bachelor? Uh ... let's just say we're all in for a real treat next season.


According to RadarOnline, Chris Soules, the farmer from Iowa, landed the gig -- beating out other seemingly good choices Marquel Martin, Nick Viall, Josh Murray, Dylan Pettit, and Marcus Grodd.

I know, I know -- I was pretty convinced Marquel would be given the job too. But at least we'll get to see more of him on Bachelor in Paradise.

An insider claims, "Chris the farmer is the new Bachelor. They held auditions in NYC last week, and told everyone he was the new Bachelor."

(Way to jump the gun, ABC. If this report is true, of course.)

And while we can go ahead and assume this means that Andi will break Chris' heart in the coming weeks, exactly no one will be complaining about getting to know Chris even better when he's put in the driver's seat.

OMG. How hot is this dude? And aside from being incredibly handsome, he's also hard working, sweet, and such a romantic -- what with the "secret admirer" letters he wrote to Andi.

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I honestly don't know how anyone can possibly say anything bad about him, which is basically a recipe for the perfect Bachelor, right? I mean, how often is someone chosen who the majority of fans absolutely adore?

Andi's loss is most definitely our gain. Hey -- at least she did one thing right as The Bachelorette in being dumb enough to let Chris go.

(Damn. I wonder if they're still taking applications for gals to be featured on Chris' season. Sign me up, please.)

Do you think Chris is the right person to be the next Bachelor?


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Melanie Baciotti Akers

It NEEDS to be Marquel. So many that I've talked to agree. He's a sweetheart and I don't think Andi gave him a change. He needs to be the next Bachelor!

Renee Boudon

Yes I will be watching, nothing like a farm boy. He so cute.

Dori Alvarez Lugo

tired of seeing this.. can we please have an african american as the bachelor/bachelorette .. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar bucksk

I will be excited to see more of Chris. I would have definately enjoyed Marquel too. Will be looking forward to the next season of the Bachelor unlike this season with Andi. I have missed some episodes and don't really care. Just not a fan of her... something just is not right. Just don't see sincerity no matter how much she cries and says she us really looking for love and gets mad at the guys...blah, blah, blah.

Lynne Spirak

I think Chris should be the next Bachelor as he has what it takes.

nonmember avatar tena duart

I went to school with Chris and yes I think he should be the next bachelor yes some people talk bad about him that's there own feelings I am a country girl born and raised so good luck Chris

Michele Flower

They were NEVER going to give it to Marquel

Teresa Heathcock

Why can't we have a new bachelor ?? That way we have not decided if we like him or not!! And put his sister as a bachelorette and don't tell anybody who she is!! That way there is a spy in the house that can truly tell the bachelor what's going on when he is not around!! Let us figure out who she is too!! That might spice it back up a little!! It's getting very boring tome and my bachelor bunch!!

nonmember avatar eleyna felix

Goes to show how racist our society is so sad. We need a minority bachlorette too. I will stop wstching if this doednt change.

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