Dina Manzo Is Kidding Herself About Her Return to 'RHONJ'

After ditching the show years ago because of all the drama, the zen-loving Dina Manzo is headed back to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, which premieres July 13. In recent interviews, she seems excited to head back to her former gig ... but she also sounds a bit delusional.

The blonde beauty left RHONJ back in 2010 in the middle of season 2 because of the “horrifying” drama between Teresa Giudice, her family, and former co-star Danielle Staub, and because she was feeling “un-inspired” by the direction the show was taking. She also indicated her departure was because the show was causing her family drama with Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita both on- and off-screen.

So, what made Manzo change her mind about returning to Real Housewives now?

Of course there's the fact that Caroline and Jacqueline won't be on the show anymore. Though she's quick to set the record straight that she did NOT get them fired, telling Us Weekly

One of my first questions for the producers when I was invited back was, 'You're not getting rid of anyone because of me, right?' And they said, 'Absolutely not.'

Manzo also mentioned that filming with her family is "not a healthy environment" and that she would never do a reality show with them again. But even with her family gone, it’s not like the show has gotten less dramatic or "healthy" than season 2. In fact, it's just gotten worse with the whole Giudice and Gorga family feuds. The reunion shows have been unbearable to watch, with even the husbands participating in the mudslinging.

So if Manzo thinks that she's jumping back into a whole new show -- with less backstabbing and shouting matches -- she's in for a rude awakening. Just because it's not family doesn't mean the fighting won't be any less fierce. But I guess to some, an additional 15 minutes of fame and the potential for lucrative contracts are worth a lot more than one's zen.

Tell us, are you happy Dina Manzo is back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Image via Dina Manzo/Instagram

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Ann Basso

And she is divorced now and money must be her motivating factor....

Liz Pinzon

Dina needs to go away and stay away! She was boring, snarky, and a snob before, so why bring her back. Caroline and Jackie should come back they brought class and fun to the show. RHONJ is just not the show I would want to watch anymore.

nonmember avatar All

Dina Manzo is the Queen of reality & Dina knows what she's doing. When Dina is in a scene it becomes magical, she is the best of the best & people love her for it. Dina should have a talk with Teresa's judge and convince him to let Teresa & Joe be free.

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