'RHOC' & 'RHOBH' Husbands Try to Take Down the Entire 'RHONY' Cast (VIDEO)

real housewives of new york

Which did you watch last night, The Real Housewives of New York City, or the premiere of Botched?? Competing in the same time slot, two Househusbands took on the New York ladies...who won? In today's exclusive episode I take on Doctors Terry Dubrow (husband of Orange County cast member Heather,) and Paul Nassif (ex-husband of ex Beverly Hills housewife Adrienne Maloof.) Plus, the RHONY in Montana and what's UP with all those interns living in Sonja Morgan's house??

After seeing the video, please tell me in the comments below whether you agree with my take on all the Montana activities. I was amused by LuAnn de Lesseps' retread of the facialist's gossip -- that's been a theme all season, hasn't it? Also, there's a reason why even if you do it over 100 times, the Sonja vs LuAnn confrontation will always end up with the same result.

We can all guess why Aviva Drescher was deleted yet again from the credits of RHONY, but why wasn't Ramona Singer when she went to Africa? There's a very simple explanation for that!

Next, a show about botched plastic surgery, a NIGHTMARE for anyone who has ever considered going under the knife and one of the reasons I never have. (Not that I don't need it!!) In any case, I take a look at the behind-the-scenes challenges and choices, as well as an exclusive Twitter-view with one of the premiere revision cases!!


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Do you think producers are going to fire Aviva soon?

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Lynette Fairbanks

I truely hope Bravo will not  be the one's who will take on Aviva Father  and his fiance, as a  spin off ewwwww NOOOO!! They may need a porn channel. At least Mr .Dresher & his fiance will need to come on after 10pm, HAHA I'm thinking Aviva is on her last season of RHNY. Well,  I'm hoping! Luann's head was turning  red. So much fury for gossip from a facialist....Imagine that?!?She protests so loudly!!  It was a funny scene. Aren't Luann & Jack splitting up right about now in this season of RHONY (Last Summer)? She may be meltingdown over heartbreak or she was trying to win him back and that gossip wouldln't help her. BTW Kirsten is so annoying, Do you think she will make it to next season? My guess, she's is a mess, so ya, Bravo will keep her. They want the viewer to be rubber necking the train wreck of her and her husband. That and she has a fast temper and willing to tell the other housewives what she thinks. Wow, was Heather a lil snotty this last night's show? She always plays such girls girl and peace keeper. Was that her real personality or is she as irritated with Kirsten as much as I am??  @ Alex McchordWhat do you think of Kirsten? Do you think she will make the cut for her second season?  HMMM

Lynette Fairbanks

One more question @Alex McChord ....In fact will RHONY make another season?


Frank Adam Kilgore

I didnt care for Botched. I cant get past Dr. Debrow being married to Heather. She is my least favorite housewife of all time after Kelly. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way about him and the show simply because he is married to Heather?

Diana Guenzler

I would never watch Avivia or her father. They are disgusting people. As for delusional Sonja, she's only a loyal friend to Ramona, why, I have no idea! Ramona isn't as good a friend to Sonja. I understand why Luann is so upset with Sonja. As a good friend I wouldn't allow someone I'm paying for service to come into my home and badmouth or spread ugly rumors about my friends! How unprofessional of the facialist and disrespectful of that so called "friend" As for Kristen, I don't think I can stand another season of her whiny voice. She makes me cringe every time I hear her high-pitched whiny voice. She thinks what the facialist said about Luann was funny but what she said wasn't at Kristen's expense. Bad form Kristen! You seem to be lacking in intelligence.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

I've actually stopped watching all the RHW because it's all the same just different people and it's boring, In fact there has really been nothing on that's very interesting would rather watch shows that have been cancelled then this dribble 

Marilynne Dwire

I would not watch George if he got a spin off. I'd flip the channel on anything about him and Aviva. Get rid of her
So the real reason Aviva had a docto'r note was for the producers. She is a liar, phony, media whore. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree..
Kristen's next story line is divorce. "I'm going back to the office---''to boink" to my date for the Labor Day weekend". Josh is a jackass.

nonmember avatar Dee

Thank God you stopped screaming! Hurray for you it's a HUGE improvement !! :) Keep it up it's Soooo much bettter.

tabby... tabbybear1768

I love the softer voice and just incase you were wondering my opinion(hehe) I prefer the plain background.  You are so beautiful why clutter that up.  Love you and miss you on housewives.  Keep up the good work.  BTW do you do commentary on any scripted shows?  If so my fave are :  Castle, Scandal, Rizzoli and Isles and Homeland.  What are some of your favorites?

MileyWHO MileyWHO

I like Kristen!! She is so beautiful and has the best facial expressions. I hope she considers going into real acting.

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

Alex:  I just started watching The Real Deal last week.  You do a great job with your delivery and content.  And of course, your being a former Housewife who can give us peeks into the production side of things guarantees that your blog is the most interesting to be found.  Thanks!

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