Nathan Griffith Leaves Jenelle Evans at the Worst Possible Time

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Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Man. Say what you will about Jenelle Evans, but one thing's for sure -- she definitely has 100 percent trust in her man. She's so confident in her relationship, in fact, that she's defending Nathan Griffith for going to Hooters even though she's due to give birth any time now.

While most pregnant girlfriends would've sat at home feeling sorry for themselves, Jenelle seems to have no qualms about Nathan eating a meal with a bunch of scantily clad women with ample chests parading around in front of him. As far as she's concerned, things could've been a hell of a lot worse.

Check out this tweet she posted in his defense.

Huh. She does have a point, as Hooters is most definitely not a strip club.

But still -- shouldn't she be a little bit pissed that he left her to go stare at other chicks when she's about ready to pop?!? I mean, somehow I doubt he went there for the wings, if you know what I'm saying.

I know they can't be expected to spend every waking moment together or anything, but it still just seems a little shady of Nathan to leave Jenelle sitting at home alone to go and get an eye candy fix. If all he really wanted was a decent meal, there has to be a Chili's or T.G.I Fridays or whatever in the area where he could've satisfied his ... hunger just as well.

Sheesh. I wonder if Nathan realizes just how fortunate he is to be with someone like Jenelle? Most dudes probably would've found themselves sleeping on the couch for making a move like this -- but Jenelle is practically praising him.

I guess it's true what they say -- some guys have all the luck.

Would you be mad if your man ate at Hooters when you're about ready to pop?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Dee

I'm sure he didn't go there to stare at other chicks"... he probably went there to eat with friends. How paranoid are you? Yet another pathetic attempt at a story by Mary Fisher.

Lucki... Luckicharmz

FML seriously? I wouldn't care even if my husband wound up at the strip club since he is just that MY husband and I trust him not to be stupid. People seriously need to get over themselves and their sad insecurities.

Lynette Andrews Powell

omg who the hell cares! i go to hooters all the time. and yes i take my ten year old daughter with us. it is technically a "family restuarant" why is it just because its hooters . a person goes there just for the girls. Hooters has some bangin wings and fried pickles

nonmember avatar Bean

Are you serious with this "story"? Who cares?! Who wants to be up under someone every second of the day?! I know I don't. Hooters is still just a dining facility no matter what the girls wear...I guess he would be wrong for going to Olive Garden or Wendy's too huh? Smh. Honestly, I wouldn't care if my husband went to the strip club or freaking hooters. That's petty and ridiculous. Also, I'm pretty sure she knows how to contact him if she went into labor and I'm also pretty sure it would not take him long to get to her. You act like he took a 30 day trip to the freaking moon. He does not need to be in her lap when she goes into labor...babies do not just pop out in is a process honey. I do not have kids, but I have enough nieces and nephews to at least know that much. You're making a lot of assumptions and fuss about NOTHING...

nonmember avatar Mariah

So dumb. Hooters,strip club, bikini barista who the hell cares as long as it's not a brothel I could care less. I think their issue is within themselves and not trusting their other half. Stupidest thing I've read in awhile. Really reaching here

Linzeekp Linzeekp

3 minutes of my life I'll never get back...

Patty Richardson

OMG !!!!!! I want to know why so many ppl.... mainly women have a problem with Hooters?????  It's a restaurant for heavens sake. If a women cannot trust their husbands/boyfriends enough to go into a restaurant then they need to let them go.  and I can't believe ppl like the  author  of this article  just throws fuel on the fire.... It's time for PPL to grow up.

nonmember avatar Ashley

As a wife, mother, AND ex Hooters Girl, I find this the most ridiculous article ever. Clearly you have never been to a Hooters yourself. Hooters was one of my most rewarding jobs to be honest, and to sting the women who work there due to your own personal self esteem and trust issues is absurd. It is JUST Hooters. I see no issue in anyone, male or female, enjoying this, strip clubs, bars, whatever. I feel sorry for your dude. Chill out and live a little. Damn.

nonmember avatar Me

OMG, I see ur back at it again! Who the hell cares! Ur title makes it sound like he really left her. U act like u know for a fact the reason why he was there. Who cares why he was there? If u would have a prob with ur man going there, just shows that Jenelle is more mature than u! Get a life and leave Jenelle and her family the hell alone!

rache... rachel_35

My husband left state a week before I was due. Men leave and go overseas when their partner is due. You're worried about a man going out to eat. You have some issues lady. This is not worthy of being written about. But to answer your question no I wouldn't be upset with my husband if he wanted to go to Hooters or even a strip club when I was pregnant.

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