Kristen Stewart’s Threatens to Sue Another Celeb for Ridiculous Reason

Kristen StewartBe careful what you say about Kristen Stewart. Sure, she may have been caught cheating on her boyfriend, but she is no trampire! And if you say so, you risk a lawsuit, at least if you're Joan Rivers. Joan reportedly wrote in her new book, Diary of a Mad Diva:

Many stars only do one thing well.  Of course, the best one-trick-pony is Kristen Stewart, who got a whole career by being able to juggle a director's balls.

Oooo, Joan. NOT. NICE.

Now somehow despite the fact that Joan's book isn't out until next month, KStew managed to see said insult. Or someone in her camp did. Because Joan says that Kristen's lawyer contacted her and threatened to sue for defamation. Sheesh. Lighten up, Krissy!

Seriously, that is pretty rude of Joan to say. Plus, it makes no sense. Kristen shot to fame in Twilight, which had a female director. And while Catherine Hardwicke is ballsy, I very much doubt she has balls, or even if she does, which she doesn't, that Kristen juggled them.

But Joan is playing hard ball (get it?) and refusing to take out the passage. Joan says she's a comedian and it's all just for laughs, so who cares.

I agree that comedians should have some leeway when it comes to being insulting in the name of laughs -- but that wasn't even funny. Maybe KStew did get it on with her Snow White & The Huntsman director, but she sure didn't get the part because of that. She was way more famous than him.

Joan, I'm all for dirty jokes, but at least have them make sense.

What do you think about Joan's joke?


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nonmember avatar mbcarter

Kristen has put up with remarks for years. She should have sued the tabloids a long time ago. Joan Rivers is a dirty mouth has been and will do anything for attention. Why should she be able to say anything about anyone and then call it a joke? Come on people enough is enough.

Dorina Garrett

Joan's insults to Kristin Stewart is just a way of an OLD Comedian to gain a ride on a FAMOUS Actresses coat tails....

Nancy Ramsey

no one likes you joan leave kristen stewart alone

Tammy Cantrell

She should have thought her affair three. There's no one off limits to a comedian. She deserves what she gets. Maybe it wasn't true but she was a role model to so many many young girls because of her fame in Twighlight. Shame on her and you get her Joan.

Kimberly Rodriguez

Yea Tammy Cantrell. I'm sure your 100% perfect to be bashing Kristen right?! Leave the poor girl alone. So she made a mistake that doesn't give Joan the right to say those things about her. We are all humans and make mistakes. You wouldn't want to have to pay for your mistakes for the rest of your life or be known for them. I don't care if she's a comedian or not. It's not funny when you are saying things to hurt other people.

Betty Jo Rose Curlee

Sue her! She needs a little lesson in what's funny and what's not! She needs to be put off the air.

Chris Martini Broadhurst

Joan is not funny at all. I think that it was way out of line even if it was meant to be funny. I could say a lot about Joan that's not nice at all and I bet that she'd take offense to that.

nonmember avatar Donna Rich

Totally tasteless, Joan. If that was said about Melissa, you'd have your attorney on speed dial, oh wait, you probably do for all the slanderous stuff you say. There's funny and then there's just smut, you fit the latter

Susie Robertson Wittebort

joan rivers has had to much plastic surgery........but even before she was mouthy. does she really think that she is a comedian? not in my book. she is probably just jealous of Kristen. she is younger, and so much more prettier...........shut ur pie whole joan

nonmember avatar Guest

Defamation is really hard to prove in a court of law. Joan knows this and a simple disclaimer in a prologue basically allows Joan to say whatever she wants, whenever she wants, about whomever she wants. Its disgusting and I've had enough of this woman. And Joan is using a phone call from a lawyer (which I assume she has gotten plenty before) to gain even more publicity for her book. Call me when you have a case number, until then its Joan running her mouth.

Contrary to popular belief and peoples use of semantics, Kristen confessed to a "momentary indiscretion" that does not mean the relationship was sexual because yes you can cheat on your significant other without involving sex. Furthermore, my problem and probably Kristen's too is the use of the word "whole". Kristen's career started when she was nine so to say "whole" its like saying a nine/ten year old Kristen Stewart was exchanging sexual favors with David Fincher for the role in Panic Room.

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