Reason Behind Kourtney Kardashian's Split Is Worse Than We Thought

Kourtney KardashianLately, it's seemed like Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship couldn't be worse, what with Scott staying out 'til all hours partying while a pregnant Kourtney stays home and scarfs Ben & Jerry's (presumably). We heard she kicked him out of their Hamptons rental after an epic argument. We heard that Kourt found an "inappropriate" photo of Scott and another woman. But now we may know the reason behind the pair's constant strife -- and it may be even worse than all of the other supposed reasons. It's because ... well, it's all fake!

Yes, just as there were those who accused Tori Spelling's marital troubles as nothing but a ploy for ratings, so too are there plenty who think that Kourt and Scott are acting out problems that don't exist for the cameras. Say it ain't so!

In fact, a source told New York Daily News' Confidential that things are actually better than ever between them!

Cameras caught Scott partying up at a New York nightclub recently (I hope Amstel is paying him, because Scott was rarely seen without one in his hand), while preggo Kourt went to North West's "Kidchella" party and repeatedly called him.

Producers even apparently sat an attractive brunette down next to Scott and tried to make it like the two were flirting. However, the truth was much more dasterdly. Says a source:

Scott’s excited to have another baby. Kourtney and him couldn’t be better. It’s all bulls--t.

Hmmm. Not sure what to believe here. Kourt and Scott have certainly had thier share of troubles in the past. Was that all fake too? How long as this been going on? Did they ever really hate each other?

What's real anymore, I ask you? If you can't believe in the Kardashians, what CAN you believe in? Sigh.

I feel so disillusioned right now. Used up and spit out, really. Those two took the best years of my life.

Do you think they are fake fighting?


Image via letthelordbewithyou/Instagram



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momav... momavanessa

Anyone that believes any of the crap you see on reality tv now days is a fool. It is ALL fake, staged, and scripted. They really need to stop giving the Kardashians shows. None of them have REAL talent.

SamWalla SamWalla

No proofreader? I find it silly to have spelling errors when writing is your job.

Dawn Dealmeida

Nope I think they really r fighting but not over a brunette.. I think it's cause booze is more important then being home at night with his family.. Always its been like that.. It wouldn't go on from the jump until now.. It's real and I think Kourtney finally has had enough..

Natalee Anderson

personally i think if i was scott and in that family i would need a drink too. i mean he is like courtney's little bitch.

karda... kardashinfan

No because kourtney and scott are not fae fighting they always argue on the show called keeping up with the kardashins and scott clubs every day and every night till in the moring and on the show keeping up with the kardashins he cheating on her and he was texting his Ex-girlfriend on the show and every epsodie he clubs so yea and i watch keeping up with the kardashins every day on netflix. 

nonmember avatar gabriela

I think it's just for the show. C'mon, this is "reality" t.v. the producers need to spice up the show somehow, so they have Scott and Kourtney to do the job for them. For the show.

nonmember avatar Ann

Can you blame him if he left? The woman is devoid of any emotion, she's like a robot and speaks in monotone. Scott's a good guy, who's funny and too charismatic for Kourtney, she'd be better-suited with a houseplant.

nonmember avatar lagerry

awful people with little self respect

nonmember avatar Goddess Cupcake

I've got a better question. Do you think anybody worth their salt even gives a sh*t?!

Bobby Wiseman

...She was the first of the 4. (C) Kris taught her well...

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