Kourtney Kardashian's Rumored Fake Baby Bump Isn't Fooling Anyone

Kourtney Kardashian Mason

Huh. I guess now we've really heard it all. I know she's not really showing yet or anything, but would you believe there's a rumor going around that Kourtney Kardashian will sport a fake baby bump for an upcoming photo shoot for Fit Pregnancy?

Yep. Supposedly she'll be featured in the December/January issue, but since the pics will be taken in the Hamptons this summer, she needs to have a bigger belly going on than the tiny bump she has now.

A source told Page Six, "They're timing it with her due date, but outfitting her with a fake baby bump since she's only a few months along."

And while it can't be confirmed whether or not this is actually true, the whole idea of Kourt wearing a fake belly just seems so ... well, FAKE.

Ugh. I honestly can't decide if this is good or bad news. On the one hand, it does seem kind of shady if outfitting celebs with faux bumps is fairly common, because it's basically like selling one huge lie on the cover of the magazine.

But then again, considering how depressing it can be to look at photos of these women looking all svelte, toned, and gorgeous even when they're heavily pregnant -- maybe we should see this as something positive?

You know, like if Kourt does turn up on the cover issue when December rolls around, we can take one look at her and go, "Oh, please. It's not like that's her real body, so none of us have to feel bad about looking 9 months pregnant when we're 9 months pregnant."

Or when we're not preggo, for that matter. I mean, if magazines really go so far as to make celebs appear more pregnant than they are, imagine the lengths they probably go to in order to make them look thinner.

Food for thought, people.

Will you think less of Kourtney if she wears a fake baby bump?


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nonmember avatar Stephanie Smith

Not at all... magazines will do anything to sell their products!!! & come on really people the money they get for doing this YOU WOULD TO...This family has put it all out there & their are so many people who say horrible things . You know turn the TV don't read or comment just don't watch or read you have that right you know so why BULLY these beautiful girls & such a loving family because if you were honest with yourself you would trade places with any of them in a second...people need to just stop this it's not right most of you are just down right bullies & if they were your children well just SHAME ON YOU..IT'S CALLED BEING A STAR...GO ACHIEVE IT YOURSELVES OR SHUT UP PLEASE...:-)

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