Prince William's Crazy Expensive Birthday Gift Is Extravagant Even for Him

Prince William

Geez. He celebrated his 32nd birthday over the weekend, and just wait until you hear about the gift Queen Elizabeth gave Prince William, which is completely over-the-top even given the fact that he's royalty.

Most dudes are happy to receive some sort of electronic gadget or tickets to a ball game for their birthdays, which is why Wills has to be all sorts of ecstatic over the $13.6 million 2008 Agusta A109S Grand helicopter from his dear old Granny.

Yes, I said she gave him a helicopter. Well, actually she leased it for him, so we can only begin to imagine how much that's setting her back per month.

And it sounds like this thing is pretty darn swanky, considering it seats up to seven passengers and has a chic leather interior.

From here on out, Kate Middleton and Prince George definitely won't be roughing it when they have to attend various royal engagements -- though I have to wonder if there's more to this helicopter than meets the eye.

Last week, there was a rumor going around saying that Kate wants to move to Anmer Hall versus remaining at Kensington Palace in London. If that's the case, however, the family will reside a good 100 miles from the city, so it would make sense for the Queen to hook them up with a faster mode of transportation so they never arrive fashionably late.

And supposedly other members of the royal family will be allowed to use Kate and Wills' new chopper too, though something tells me the whole reason they need it in the first place is because they are going to be spending quite a bit of time away from the city.

Stay tuned, folks. There's a good chance that by the end of the summer, Kate may just get her wish of raising Prince George in the countryside. And hey, at least she'll be able to fly over to her new digs instead of roughing it in a royal limo, or whatever.

Do you think this gift is a bit too over-the-top?


Image via Chris Jackson/The Duke Of Cambridge Visits The Royal Navy Submarine/Getty Images

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nonmember avatar lynn

he is doing what he does best, avoiding his royal responsibilities, he is an arrogant , entitled and lazy and worst of all married his lazy enabler aka lazy katie

nonmember avatar sue

he is an entitled , lazy arrogrant good for nothing idiot, he needs to step aside and let harry be king !

Debbie Learn

Congratulations Prince William, on your supposed birthday gift of a helicopter. Very smart indeed of the Queen to buy or lease this transportation for you and Duchess Kate. Should you 2 move to the country with Prince George, you will have much faster transportation to and from the city and country. The Queen can more than afford this. Enjoy your lives.

Irv Bolyard

How can everyone just sit back and say this is a nice thing??? Are you all stupid or what??? All the money that is spent is coming from your own pockets yet you are just so happy for the expenditure. You make me sick. If she, (The Queen), wants to do something for Prince Willie, spend her own damn money and not ours.

Marion Walker

In America, the majority of rich business men have small planes, helicopters or seaplanes and no one thinks it's over the top. Why shouldn't our future king have a helicopter, after all he risked his life many a time saving people when he was on rescue missions. Also, he is by no means arrogant or lazy. They are loved all over the world and are excellent embassadors for our country.

Carol Taylor

Would you perform like this if David gave Victoria a chopper. Leave them be you lot ruin everything you touch

Jacqueline DaLay

I don t have topay a dime so who caresif she can aford it so what





Christine Steele

Definitely not. If HM wishes to spoil her grandson why on earth shouldn't she. William and Kate have done such a lot to renew the nations faith in the a Royal family! Something her son will never be able to do regardless of whether or not he wears the royal crown. He will never gain the respect of the people of the UK or Commonwealth that his mother and father have worked so tirelessly to achieve.

Rhonda De Pasquale

No doubt it is the tax payers money paying for this sort of extravaganza which could well go to the people of the Uk who many of them struggle with day to day living.   I think it is disgusting!!


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