Pearl Jam Covers 'Let It Go' Giving Fans Best 'Frozen' Treat Ever (VIDEO)

pearl jam eddie vedderI would be happy if I never had to hear Idina Menzel sing Frozen's "Let It Go" ever again. She sings it beautifully, but because I have 4-year-old twins in love with the movie I have heard that song way too much. But give me Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder singing it any day and I'd be excited.

And that's exactly what has happened. During a concert at Milan's Stadio San Siro on Friday, Pearl Jam was in the middle of the song "Daughter" when they went into "Let It Go". Since Vedder has two daughters aged 5 and 10, I can't help but think it was just for them. Check it out!

Sorry Marines, but this is way better than your ooh-rah version. Also, Jimmy Fallon ... you are so cool so cool so cool with your kid instrument version with The Roots and Idina herself, but this is Eddie Vedder we're talking about so .... Well, okay okay okay, the only reason why Fallon's version is better is because Pearl Jam only gave us a tiny taste. I really did want more. I wanted the whole song. Maybe this is something Pearl Jam could do if they get enough requests. Instead of yelling Free Bird, we should all yell Let It Go!

What do you think of Pearl Jam singing "Let It Go"? Do you think it was a sweet nod to his daughters?


Image via Pearl Jam Official/Instagram



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bethg... bethgoedeken

I really want to hear more of this. I would buy that song.

Melissa Larbig

Am I the only one who thinks that this isn't that good? Doesn't even sound like he remembers the words. I like Pearl Jam, and it is cool that they did this...but it's not that great


Carla Tenorio

Eddie Vedder has NO daughters. As much as he wants people to believe that he does, these kids are actually his NIECES and just uses them as a family to serve as his mask for normalcy. Look at this family tree, all he has is his mother, Karen :

Railr... RailroadGirl

No he sounded horrible. I swear his voice kept cracking. I'm so done with the song also and I haven't even seen the movie yet. Its been so hyped that I would probably be let down now.

nonmember avatar Amanda

That was horrid. His voiced did nothing but crack.

antfa... antfarmer101

I honestly thought that was awful

Prett... PrettyWings29

I agree, this was not good and painful to listen to. He couldn't even hit the right notes. 

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