Kate Moss Warns Lindsay Lohan to Stop Calling Her Husband

Uh oh. There's one person who is definitely NOT happy that Lindsay Lohan is spending so much time in London: supermodel Kate Moss. Kate, 40, reportedly got into a row with the 27-year-old actress because she has been in contact with Moss' husband, Jamie Hince, who is the lead singer of The Kills. Lohan is invading Moss' turf because she's making her theater debut in "Speed-the-Plow," and has decided it would be a good idea to reconnect with Hince, who helped her work on her music career.

Bad move, girl. Kate may seem like an anything-goes party girl, but as we're learning, that does not include letting single gals with crazy sexual histories chat up her husband.

Kate apparently wasn't happy from the very minute Lohan landed in the U.K., which leads us to believe LiLo may have overstepped her bounds with Hince in the past. She knew she'd run into Lohan at some point, since we hear both ladies love a good party, and when she did, she apparently didn't hold back her feelings.

Moss reportedly told Lohan in no uncertain terms that she was NOT to call her husband.

I'm siding with Kate on this one. I can't imagine that the beautiful and stylish fashion icon would be jealous of anyone, but that isn't really the point. It's disrespectful for a woman -- single or married -- to contact a married man unless she has a darn good reason -- like to ask him for his wife's phone number. LiLo clearly isn't on friendly terms with Kate, so it's not like she and the couple are hanging out together. What was so important that she felt the need to contact the model's hubby?

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Bottom line: it's not cool behavior UNLESS Kate approves. And that doesn't seem to be the case in this situation.

Do you think Kate is overreacting? Is it okay to contact a married man if you aren't friendly with his wife?


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Wileen Byroads


nonmember avatar Emerson

It's not okay for a single woman to contact a married man? Since when does a woman OWN a man just because she married him? Kate should have faith that her husband won't step out with Lindsay...if she doesn't, that's a big problem with her marriage that isn't anyone else's fault.

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

You're both fucking nit wits.

Unless you're insecure as hell, you wouldn't give a damn if someone contacted your husband. If she did do something fishy, that's one thing, but men are capable of brushing off unwanted advances from women. They don't need your controlling asses dictating who they can or can't talk to. If you're so insecure and distrusting then you need to find another man.

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

And for the record, yes women have "contacted" my husband for simple chats and even *gasp* to hang out. Who gives a crap.

The one time a girl did try to hit on him, I was told immediately and I didn't care, because she wasn't a threat. She was a mens magazine model and thought she could get anyone she wanted, but he wasn't giving her attention and I knew that's why she tried. If I was an insecure twat with a bad husband, I might care, but that's not the case.

da_mi... da_miranda

well, I'm team Kate. Of course your husband is "Yours". How can you tell a marriage without agreement to belong to each other. maybe in kind of wacky marriage with twist and turn, as long as the couple agree with each other moves, and Mrs.Hince doesnt agree well it's her right as the wife

nonmember avatar Allie

Women shouldn't have contact with married men? Insecure much? That is insane! Men and women can have innocent friendships. If you are insecure in your relationship and are restricting your significant other as to who they can speak to, it is time to rethink the relationship.

Anoth... AnotherKim

LOL! I can't imagine any man being interested in that walking bag of disease. I don't think Kate has to worry. The call was probably for business. Kate needs to take a step back and let her husband handle this.

jwoolman jwoolman

I think the only person claiming Lindsay will be in that play is Lindsay. She couldn't show up on time for a show all about herself and filmed in her own apartment (not exaggerating). She can't remember lines any more. She would be a disaster in a stage play. Lindsay has a long history of making such false claims, drunk or sober.

But no, there is no reason to ask a wife's permission to contact her husband, not even for the predatory Lindsay Lohan. I work with and am friends with plenty of men and I often don't know their wives at all. Why should I?!? I'm not looking for a mate or a party partner and am hardly a threat... But really, we can't have true equality and equal opportunities as long as such attitudes persist. If Kate Moss's husband needs such protection, she's already lost him, or else she shouldn't let him cross the street by himself since obviously he's too fragile for adult society.

nonmember avatar sandy

Hey, this is not just any woman contacting a married man: It is Lindsay Lohan, who has proved herself to be manipulative and deceptive. It would not be a surprise to read a claim by her that she called James, "hooked up," and still feels a "special connection": That girl is a piece of work, and Kate is right to nip any potential LiLo shenanigans in the bud. I imagine that in general she is not a possessive shrew, not by a long shot; rather, she is street-smart enough to know that Lindsay in the vicinity only means the threat of trouble. Right on, Kate!

nonmember avatar Mariam

it is NOT ok…..especially with Lohans history….and don't get me wrong, I think she is a great actress but very misguided and needs to grow up a bit…..I agree with Kate Moss 100%

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