'50 Shades of Grey' Movie Totally Dissed by Person You'd Least Expect

A very surprising person is determined not to watch the 50 Shades of Grey movie, which wil be released on Valentine's Day. The star of the movie, Dakota Johnson, happens to have a very famous dad, Don ('memba Miami Vice?). Don says he has no plans to watch his daughter get busy with Jamie Dornan in the movie, and who can blame him there? What father wants to watch his daughter have sex -- even if it's fake sex? However, according to Don, that isn't the issue at all!

He told London's The Telegraph that he has no plans to see the film, but not because he hasn't seen his daughter naked since she was a toddler, but because he just doesn't like those types of films! He said:

It's not something I would go to anyway. I probably will not see it just because it's not a movie I would see. I've never seen The Vampire Diaries, I've never seen Twilight. It's in a category of films that I just wouldn't be interested in.

Erm, wow. Don seems to be under the impression there are vampires in 50 Shades.

So unless a movie is something he is personally interested in, Don wouldn't watch it just to show support for his kid? And just in case you think he's covering up the real reason, he went on:

I don't know whether it is [embarassing] or not, this is the family business. It's difficult for people to separate who we are from the characters we portray, but not for me.

Okay, so he can totally separate the character from his daughter, and yet he still won't see the film. Don, why don't you just say it's because of the sex, you'd sound a lot less like a selfish twit. I'm sure you probably made Dakota sit through a few episodes of you in your pink jacket in Miami Vice.

I'm sure Dakota is relieved her father has no plans to watch her in that kind of a film, but I wonder what she thinks about the reason? I mean, if she ended up getting the lead in a sequel to Twilight, he wouldn't see that either?

Sounds kind of douchey, Don. But you still look amazing!

Do you think he's not being supportive?


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nonmember avatar Foster

Why is that surprising? I also don't go see movies I'm not interested in. Also I really don't blame him for not wanting to see his daughter in sex scenes. I'm sure he supports her career,he's just not a fan of those movies. This was a pointless article

missm... missmars786

I think he means he isn't into idiotic films based on idiotic trilogies...this shouldn't be that difficult for the author of this "article" to understand.

nonmember avatar M

Missmars, please tell me this fanfiction vomit of a movie is not going to be a trilogy...

Kate Cooley

Don's not confused - this is, after all, Twilight fanfiction. 

purra... purracious

Oh lawdy. Ok, ever since these books came out, there have been many wannabes in the bdsm scene. Yes, it is a lifestyle, no, you dont have to like it. And no, the books have nothing to do with how the lifestyle actually works. I know this only because many discussions have been posted on kink-friendly social sites about it. This is a fictional story and explains nothing of how a real life Dom/sub relationship actually works. Too much for this comment here but do your research and you will know. Personally, I have gone to kink parties and seen way too many people dress the part but wont actually participate in actual dungeon play. Its sad, really. And we have these predators that lurk in corners and prey on people who don't know any better and end up like an episode of law & order svu. Trust me when I say when theyre caught theyre dealt with accordingly. Then the community who live it are given bad rep. I wish they would stop production all together, I don't believe it's going to be helpful to us who live it for real and honestly, it's insulting that we're portrayed that way. Of course, this is only one opinion of many, so no I don't speak for everyone.


See nothing wrong with what he said. And really Kiri, I think he knows there are no vampires in the flick, he also knows dreck.

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