Andi Dorfman's Rumored Final Pick Spotted in the Worst Possible Place

Andi DorfmanBack in the early days of reality TV, you'd watch to find out what happens. Now it's almost like you watch to find out how it happens, since camera phones and social media have made widespread information sharing a thing. In other words, we're able to make somewhat accurate speculations based on who is where while these shows are being filmed and edited.

For example, the final rose ceremony on The Bachelorette hasn't aired yet, but we're reasonably sure which guy Andi Dorfman ends up picking. But maybe he's cheating on her already? And now even more damning evidence is coming to light, because this guy was seen at the airport in Cancun -- where Bachelor in Paradise is being filmed!

The following contains spoilers. You've been warned.

So we're speculating that Bachelorette contestant Josh Murray wins Andi's heart in the end, based on video footage of the runner up bitching about not being chosen.

But it turns out Josh may still be in contact with his ex-girlfriend Brittany McCord on Snapchat, and we all know how Andi feels about sharing. I'm thinking that even if the supposed couple were in lockdown about revealing their relationship status per ABC disclosure contract -- she still wouldn't be OK with Joshie Snapchatting with his ex.

And now ... take a look at this photo posted by a fan on Twitter.

Is that Josh in the Cancun airport? Where Bachelor in Paradise is being filmed? It's hard to tell if that's the former baseball player for sure, but dayum -- if that's him, and he's already moved on from Andi weeks before the final rose ceremony even airs ... girlfriend picked wrong.

Do you think Andi picks Josh and they'll live happily ever after forever?


Image via Andi Dorfman/Twitter

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Sandra Blake

Do you think its a plant?  Even if it is him, we cant assume he is 'there for the wrong reasons'.  Right? 


Shirley Childers

It could be like two years ago too, Reality Steve told us who Des was going to choose and guess what, he was WRONG! Maybe hes wrong again


Terri Fritz

might be their hideaway weekend!!

nonmember avatar me

That looks like 5 guys I know. Without seeing a face or a profile its hard to tell if its really him. Why not walk around and take a face pic?

nonmember avatar Katie

He was there WITH Andi on one of their out of state visits together. This happens every season while the show is airing. ABC foots the bill to fly the lead and their final pick somewhere private since they obviously cannot be seen in public together.

Suzanne Sams Nerkins

the rumors, the rumors! josh won andi heart and engaged. if they werent we would all know by now. it was either him on secret get away with andi or just a get away for himself. i am sure they josh nor andi get any privacy unless they are on there private getaway.

nonmember avatar Belle8

If you go to Cancun it is to cheat only. What a stupid article.

nonmember avatar KATIE MAE


nonmember avatar Susan

He was on my flight going to Cancun. He had on those same Beats on the airplane and while waiting on his ride at the a Cancun airport.......just sayin'.......

Jean James

andi should of picked markus they would of made a good couple josh is a snake

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