Leah Calvert Leaves Her Little Girls for Her Husband Jeremy's Sake

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Leah Calvert Jeremy Calvert

Uh-oh. Just when we thought things might be looking up for Leah Calvert and her husband Jeremy, it looks as though maybe they are still having issues in their marriage.

While they aren't in the midst of a fight or anything like that, the two of them just hopped on a plane to head to Vegas for a few days -- and it's very clear that it wasn't easy for Leah to leave her girls back at home.

Check out this tweet she posted about the trip. It definitely sounds bittersweet, if you ask me.

Aww. She misses her babies. The question over whether or not it's a good parenting move to vacation without your kids is controversial for sure -- so Leah had to have really needed this trip to leave them behind and jet off with her man.

And while it could be that the two of them simply wanted a little alone time together, it's hard not to wonder whether this is a last ditch effort to get their marriage back on track.

Remember that angry Twitter rant Leah went on earlier this week? It sure sounded like she might be pretty pissed at Jeremy (if it was directed at him) -- so maybe they decided to take a vacation to see if they are really meant to be together for the long haul?

Sometimes a little time away can really put things into perspective, so there's a chance this getaway could make or break things for them once and for all.

For Leah's sake, let's hope they have a wonderful time and come home more in love than ever. And if not? Well, at least she'll have those beautiful girls to give her hugs and kisses as soon as she returns.

Do you think things are ok between Leah and Jeremy?


Image via leahdawncalvert/Instagram

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Teigra Michelle Sanderson

She is a mother she deserves a weekend away I pretty sure she didn't leave them home alone, I see now problem with it.

Laura Parsons

woooow they look way to much into it, parents deserve a vaction. you don't need an explaination for that.

nonmember avatar kiwi

Peoples panties are really getting into a bunch because Leah took a weekend to herself?? She needs it! All mommas need it!

_AGamez _AGamez

Parents deserve alone time to! I'm sure they take there kids on vacations to. Who are we to judge them though? They are GROWN & I'm sure the kids are in good hands & not alone. Duh.

Jessica Galvan

Lol I agree parents need a vacation without their kids every once in a while.

nonmember avatar Sharon

Wow...didn't know parents were not allowed to have adult alone time. This title takes things waaay out of context and parents are entitled to go places without their kids.

nonmember avatar Sara

My parents left me with my sitter quite a few times so they could go on vacation. People need to get a life and stop criticizing so much. You think MAYBE they're just a couple of human beings who want to take an ADULT vacation for a few days? Mind ya business.

Nadene Coen-Sterling

are you friggin kidding me, she didn't leave her kids, she took a vacation, parents do it all the time, and have for generations upon generations, hell, when I was 16 and older, my parents would leave me for a week at a time to go out west.   get a life people, she just took a vacation, she didn't leave her girls.  if people aren't allowed to take vacations anymore, then a lot of kids would be going into the system for their parents leaving them.  I took a vacation with my mom a few years back and left my boys at home with their dad, omgosh, I must be the worst mother in the world. get over it and find something new to write about, how about something that has importance.


IzzyPurr IzzyPurr

She's a mother to three girls, I think she deserves a mini vacation every now and then without her kids. It's not like the kids are in danger, or mistreated. I understand you have to make money off this stuff, but seriously. Stop making her sound like a terrible mother. And for the record, she didn't leave her kids. A parent needs alone time without the kids every now and then.

Nicole Sharpe

I personally believe ALL parents should get away for a few days every year if they can. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world and even they deserve some R&R.

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