Joe & Teresa Giudice Get a Little More Time (VIDEO)

Joe and Teresa GiudiceAre you ready for this? I put on my TLC hat last night to watch the Season 4 premiere of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and the Kate Plus 8 special, and in today's exclusive video after the jump I found common ground with both Kate Gosselin and Mama June. Also, I check in on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars episode 3 and MORE Real Housewives of New Jersey news.

I was shocked to find that Mama June and I have something in common. Double shocker? It has to do with food. Nope, not Sketti, and definitely not armpit fudge or any sort of fudge whatsoever. In today's episode I tell you what it was, as well as behind-the-scenes commentary on the style of the show and how they can keep it real(ish) four seasons in. Also, I discuss the challenges the family faces with their star, daughter Alana, and what the future may hold for her.

Next, if your jaw wasn't already on the floor, you might just faint when I tell you what I thought of Kate Gosselin on Part One of the Kate Plus 8 special. Her reputation preceded her in more ways than one, and in today's episode I go deep into Kate's personality, her options, attempts at damage control and where she could possibly go from here.


We also check in on Marriage Boot Camp episode 3, and there's a VERY good behind-the-scenes reason why Gretchen RossiSlade SmileyJWoww and Roger, Tanisha Thomas and the crew don't (and shouldn't) trust the action unfolding. I compare it to Couples Therapy and break down how these shows work and why I didn't blame the cast for refusing to participate in some of the exercises.

Finally today, it's back to New Jersey for yet more drama in the Teresa and Joe Giudice fraud sentencing. It's good news for the Giudices but BAD news for Bravo -- watch now and I'll tell you why!


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Are you surprised that Joe and Teresa's sentencing date has been moved?


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nonmember avatar derek

Hi! I was wondering if the housewives really act as stupid as they come off or does Bravo edit it like that? Also, is Jill Zarin really as obsessed as it seems about getting back on the show? All I ever read on her she still discusses the show and when Lindsay Lohan was on Andy's show she said Jill sent a message about getting on the show. Finally, what is Andy Cohen like in real life? He seems like he could be a jerk or really into himself. I could ask you a million more questions like if Romania is addicted to Xanax. She discusses it so much and admitted to taking it. Is she aware of how dumb and nutty she looks on the show? Also, does Sonja make up all the men she is with to seem cool and why does she act like she has so much money when everyone is well aware that she doesn't have a penny.

Ben Wenton

First of all, congratulations Derek on asking legit questions. Most of these women are deranged, off balance and phony, and you clearly get it.

Alex, a question: you and Simon always seemed more thoughtful than the other cast meembers. Doesnt it kind of, well, make your mind rot to watch these horrific shows? And why haven't you written a book about the truth and details of how the shows are manipulated. I'd thinm many would be interested. Your observations here occasionally are fun, but there must be much more detail about specific events (how they rig the trips to Morocco, etc. , do you lose track of being filemd or are you aware, how do they provoke fights)that people would buy.

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