Kim Kardashian Lets North West Fly Across the Country Alone

Kim Kardashian North West

They can definitely afford certain luxuries that most parents only dream of, but would you believe that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West let North West fly without them?!?

Yep. She recently took a flight from New York to Los Angeles -- while Kim and Kanye boarded planes headed for France and Miami, respectively. Ok, so she wasn't alone alone, as her nanny, a bodyguard, an assistant, and a nurse (of course) accompanied her on her trip across the United States.

But still. She's only a year old, and already Nori is traveling by plane without her parents? Doesn't she seem a little young for a journey like that?

I mean, I'm sure the people flying with her are more than qualified to take care of her -- but let's put ourselves in Kim's shoes for a second. Can you honestly imagine sending your 1-year-old off on an airplane without you or your husband?

OMG. I'd be freaking out the entire time. Hell, my kid is 8 years old and I don't think I could bring myself to put him on a plane with anyone other than his dad or my parents -- so there's absolutely no way I would've done it when he was younger!

Kim must totally trust North's "handlers," but allowing your baby to jet across the country without you just seems like such a celebrity thing to do. Couldn't Kris Jenner have stepped up to the plate and flown in to pick her up, or something? Or one of Kim's sisters? I know they all have crazy schedules, but you'd think one of them could've helped out and flown with that baby.

Maybe I'm overreacting about this, but every time I even think about that little girl boarding such a long flight without her mom and/or dad, I can't help but feel a little bit sorry for her. Nannies, first class flights, and a ridiculous privileged lifestyle are no match for a child's mom and dad. Period.

Would you ever let your baby fly without you?


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nonmember avatar lola

You guys are unbelievable. .....There is nothing wrong with this, ANYTHING THAT KIM does always comes with someone making it look bad. Believe me I am sure this kid is taken better care of by her parents and others then most of us wish. ....

Pam Winters Warble

North is probably closer to her entourage than her own parents. So no biggie for the baby, as for the rest of the family, she is not their child and Kanye said do it so it was done. Bruce is the one who should be raising North if you really want the best qualified and stable person in the bunch.


nonmember avatar Kaui

You guys need to lay off... People seem to find Everything Kim does WRONG. Baby wasn't by herself... Obviously they trust these people enough to care for their child. I feel bad for celebrities, they get shit for absolutely everything they do. I mean, come on... There was even a NURSE on board with her, along with the body guard and nanny. Get over it....

Ruth Deanda

why would a flight be any different than any other day nannies body guards and a nurse take care of her 24/7 they know more about the child than the parents


nonmember avatar sarah

Kim Kardashian is a horrible mother all she cares about is herself .

nonmember avatar NotAStirFan

You guys are ridiculous. This baby has probably been on more flights already than you will take over your lifetime. They didn't stuff her into a pet carrier and throw her into the cargo hold, she is being escorted by people that she is used to and that are paid to care for her. She is probably more used to them than her own parents anyway. The world is a bit different than over in the trailer parks that you are used to. Get a grip.

Penny Kuehlman-Diehl

Good God, there are stories from the early 1900's were parents would just slap some stamps on babies and send them off with the mail man, a total stranger!!!!  She wasn't alone, she was with her nanny whom she probably see's more then her mom anyway!!!


nonmember avatar queen bitch

Fuck no she is one dumb bitch ughhh she is so stupid!!!!

nonmember avatar anonymous

Pretty sure all this blog posts about is "bad parenting". How the hell is this not ok that she flew with her nanny, a nurse, body guard, etc. Instead of her parents? Seems to me she was more safe considering all the people with her. I'd love to spend a week with the writer of this blog, watch your every move as a parent, and see just how "perfect" your parenting is considering you are so jugemental of all these other parents. Granted some of the articles are legit, disgusting acts done by unfit parents, but give me a break, this post about Kim is ridiculous. Lets see who you turn out to be with all the money and luxury that Kim and Kanye have... you can judge all you want until your in their shoes, then the real judgement comes when we see what you decide to do every day.

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