'The Challenge: Free Agents' Recap: A Double Elimination Cuts the Best Players

the challenge free agents CT leroyAfter ending last week's episode closed with a "to be continued..." cliffhanger, tonight's episode of The Challenge: Free Agents had a lot of ground to cover. In the previous elimination challenge, we saw that Laurel would be facing off against her ex-bff Cara Maria while challenge vet CT would be taking on Leroy. All in the dreaded "wallbanger" elimination round.

But that wasn't the only challenge we'd see tonight. First, it turns out the old man's still got it, because CT swiftly eliminated Leroy, while Laurel sent home the handicapped Cara Maria. Unfortunately, the two winners didn't have much luck. Shortly after, TJ Lavin announced that we'd have yet another elimination challenge this episode.

After fighting it out, enduring another draw, both previous winners CT and Laurel saw themselves facing off against new opponents. This time, Johnny Bananas and Theresa were their new rivals. And when TJ announced the game, all became fair. The duos would each be solving three separate puzzles and would then have to ring a bell.

And just like that, after surviving all season, CT and Theresa were eliminated. The rest of the cast? They automatically made it to the final. Undoubtedly, the last elimination was the worst. To last through 10 weeks and then go out on the last possible challenge is defeating, but I'm sure it's not the last we'll see of either character.

Before we had a chance to wrap our brains around the fact that glorious CT was no longer with us, TJ informed the cast that they were leaving Uruguay and would head on out to their final course... in Chile! That means that Zach, Johnny, and Bananas, as well as Laurel, Nany, and Devyn (who would have predicted that one?!) were going to be competing for the $125 thousand prize.

The final would consist of five stages. The first three would be completed in guy-girl paris, giving each man the chance to compete alongside each woman. Then the final two legs would coincide with the spirit of this challenge -- everyone will be a free agent.

Again, we left the show with another cliffhanger, yet not before we would see the beginning of the first challenge where the couples had to kayak along the bustling river. With Zach and Devyn as partners, the show didn't look to smooth, and not long after taking off from the beach, their kayak tipped, sending Zach swimming through the rocks.

We'll have to wait until next week's season finale, though, to see how the rest of the cast plays out.

Are you sad to see CT go?


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nonmember avatar CT4Life

CT is not in the finals, so I'm not watching the finals. I don't like Johnny Bananas, that 2 faced bitch [Laurel], Nany, or Devyn. Zach is whatever, but right now I'm just over The Challenge. CT is gone and that's all I care about.

nonmember avatar dina

I agree, no CT, why bother. A strength elimination he would have buried Bananas!

nonmember avatar Seal

I'm so disappointed that after all of this CT and Cara went home just like that while Devyn and Johnny took a free card to the final winning their asses some money they did not make an effort to win. First place for the girls will be Laurel of course and either Zach or Bananas for the guys ... I seriously hope that Zach finds a way to beat Banana's ass.

nonmember avatar Ceecee

No CT; No more Challenge for me. They all suck.

nonmember avatar Alicia

The last elimination took place in Chile - not in Uruguay.

Virgo... VirgoMom07

I was really sad to see Cara Maria go, especially since she lost to Laurel. I can't stand her. And the fact that both Devyn and Johnny made it through to the final challenge is pretty annoying. I will still watch the finale because, dammit, I made it this far I want to see who wins!

Torra... TorranceMom

CT has always been my favorite, I was sad to see him go.

Hanaa Itani

CT gone, Cara gone this show isnt worth watching anymore. i dont even care who will win whatever

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