Kim Kardashian's Racy New Bikini Pictures Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Kim Kardashian

Ummmmm. Yeah. We've known for years now that Kim Kardashian's ass is a phenomenon we can't quite explain -- though I don't think we truly appreciated just how famous it is in its own right until new honeymoon photos of Kim in a black bikini popped up.

Go ahead. I'll give you another minute to go back and look at the pics at least three or four times before we discuss them.

Ok, let's get started.

First of all, you know Kanye West had to be drooling like a fool over that see-through white top, which is so sheer, it's a wonder that she didn't opt to go topless instead.


As for the bottoms of the bikini? In my almost 37 years on this Earth, I'm not sure I've ever seen that particular cut before. I'm downright positive that no one other than Kim could possibly pull it off without plenty of bulging and bunching.

And that brings us to the fact that her butt is clearly hanging out of the bottoms -- and may I say, what an amazing butt it is.

I know Kim has good genes and all, but how in the hell does she not have one single ounce of cellulite on her rear end?!? I mean, everybody has a tiny bit ... right? Her derriere is as smooth as ... well, a baby's bottom, to the point that it almost looks like it isn't real.

Seriously -- how is it that flawless? It doesn't make sense.

But considering just how applause-worthy Kim's rear is, I guess we really can't blame her for opting to wear a bikini that does it justice by showing it off as opposed to covering it up. Asses like that only come along once in a lifetime, so we should all thank Kim for sharing what God gave her (er ... whoever gave it to her) with the world.

What do you think of Kim's revealing bikini?


Image via Splash News

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