Andi Dorfman Reject Gets Second Chance at Love on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Bachelorette suitors

OMG. Who else is super excited for the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise this summer? There is bound to be plenty of drama, tears, and of course, seriously hot men -- including a few dudes who didn't capture Andi Dorfman's heart on The Bachelorette.

When the cast of Bachelor in Paradise was revealed, the names of Andi's suitors were left off the list, simply because we still don't know all of the men who have been eliminated.

But after this week's rose ceremony, we can go ahead and let out a big "woo-hoo" for one man who we'll most definitely be seeing in Mexico.

Are you ready?!?

Marquel Martin has joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise, so we'll still have the pleasure of getting to know him a little bit better this summer.

Marquel Martin

Who wouldn't want to have a chance at dating this dude? He's not only good looking, but he's smart, a gentleman, and he also has a great sense of humor, which is attractive enough in itself.

But it sounds like Bachelor in Paradise could prove to be just the beginning of his reality TV career, as there is also some buzz going around about Marquel being the next Bachelor.

Um, yes please! He's totally perfect for the job. And I know ABC usually winds up casting the third or fourth runner-up, but fans still got to see enough of Marquel to know that he'd be amazing as The Bachelor.

And he already has one thing going for him that most other leading men and women of the shows don't as far as why he should be given the gig.

Duh. Fans actually like him. We want to root for him. We want him to find true love. Because for whatever reason, he seems like he genuinely went on the show to meet someone special and settle down, unlike most of the other dudes. (Don't even get me started on how fake Josh Murray is.)

I guess we'll have to wait and see whether Marquel meets his match on Bachelor in Paradise before we get ahead of ourselves. But if he leaves Mexico a single man? ABC would be nuts not to give him another shot at finding TV love.

Do you think Marquel would make a good Bachelor?


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knitt... knittykitty99

I would love to see Marquel as the next Bachelor.  A gentleman - what a refreshing change from most of the Bachelors (and he's easy on the eyes).  The fact that he is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise makes me doubt it, though.

Donna Jackson

Yes he would and for once would add color and flair to the franchise

Wendi Wilcox

I agree Donna Jackson and knitykitty99. I love Marquel. He has a great personality and is incredibly handsome. I want him to be the next Bachelor.

Fondue Fondue

I'd love to see him as the bachelor!

Sandra Blake

If Marquel is on this new program, does this  mean he will not be the next bachelor? 

Cindy Matecki

Yes,I love him. He was so sweet,handsome and was really their for love. I knew Andi was not attracted to him she didn't even hug or kiss him once. It's time for some other than the top 4,we got to know him and love him and never had a African/ American before.

JimandMary Abrams

Yes I thinkhe would be a great bachelor. I have liked him from the start seems like a good honest n

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