Miley Cyrus' Sweet Gesture for Dying Girl Provided Comfort in Final Hour (VIDEO)

Miley CyrusRemember Miley Cyrus in her sweet Hannah Montana days? Back before her tongue-wagging twerkiness made us all cringe and raise our eyebrows at Billy Ray? Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that underneath all that nakedness is the darling girl we all fell in love with.

Because Miley just did a very kind-hearted thing for a dying fan. Twelve-year-old Caley Camarillo passed away this week after a lifetime of suffering from the effects of cystic fibrosis. She had long been a fan of Miley's and was even able to meet her early on in her diagnosis. Miley kept in touch and sent her a sweet video that she was able to see before she died.

Caley's mother posted this video on Instagram and said watching it was one of the last things her daughter did before she passed.

"I just wanted to share how things go full circle," wrote Theresa Camarillo. "Miley Cyrus was the very first celebrity that Caley was into and the very first celebrity that she met. Miley sent this video to Caley and she was able to watch it an hour before she passed. She managed to let out a smile. I take great comfort in this for some reason."

Caley was able to meet other celebrities in her lifetime, but Miley remained her favorite. There was no reason for the pop star to take time out of her day to remember this sick young girl, let alone send her a personal video message, but she did and was able to bring some joy to her before she died.

It's nice to be reminded every now and then that Miley is still a genuinely kind person, even if she does like to make headlines with her wild child behavior. 

Do you wish Miley would do more things like this instead of sticking her tongue out?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Lisa

I think this is a great reminder that when people dwell on the negative publicity of a star there is also that positive side to many stars as well .. I am personally not a fan in any way, I just think this was a very genuine and kindhearted gesture by Miss Cyrus ......

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

I think she can be who she wants, as long as she stays this., and true to herself. Publicity sells money. Sad fact, but true.

Mommy... Mommy1438

So you didn't fall in love with her-you feel in love with the script... the character? Not sure Miley will ever show the REAL her... Anyway, this article is pretty judgy.......

irish... irishstarz

It's a TONGUE. Stop the bitching. Anyway, Miley has such a big heart and caring personality. This is amazing. RIP, sweet girl.

nonmember avatar Allie

I'd much rather a girl trying it on and being herself but remaining kindhearted than the many you hear about who are mean-spirited, selfish, entitled divas where it really counts - when the world isn't watching. I'd take Miley any day as a role model for my daughter.

nonmember avatar Betty

Miley is great she's being true to herself by being herself. The world has become so judgemental about everuthing. I'm not a religouis person, but the Bible says Thou Shall Not Judge. Be yourself for you not for anyone else.

nonmember avatar quest help caley last dreams come true

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