Andi Dorfman Quits Her Job Proving She Only Cares About One Thing​

Andi Dorfman

Well, well, well -- it looks like somebody might be a bit more of a fame whore than she's willing to let on. She may have initially taken a leave of absence from her job to be on The Bachelorette, but now Andi Dorfman has quit her gig with the district attorney's office, which makes her a full-time reality star.

Yep. Originally she was on unpaid leave through May 31, but then she went ahead and decided to just up and quit being an attorney altogether. Duh -- she's all sorts of famous now and has no business earning a paycheck like a regular person.

Ok, ok -- so maybe I'm being just a little bit unfair, considering how many former stars of the show up and leave their careers to move on to greener pastures, so to speak. But for some reason, Andi giving up her job as an attorney just seems so ... well, like she totally sold out for the promise of fame.

The reason she gained so many fans in the first place was because she put out this whole, "I'm just a regular gal" image. She honestly tried to make everyone believe she decided to be The Bachelorette to find husband and all that jazz.

But by making such a huge move and quitting her job, she basically just proved that she couldn't care less about true love -- unless it comes with a certain level of celebrity status, of course.

And it's not like being an attorney is a career you just fall into. It takes years of schooling and training, and if Andi didn't pay for all of that herself, it's kind of a slap in the face to her parents that she gave it up for TV.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say Andi assumes she's WAY too important to work an ordinary job like an ordinary person from this point forward. Maybe if she's lucky, she can score a few night club gigs just like Juan Pablo Galavis.

Wait a second ... maybe they can even team up for some sort of duo act in Atlantic City? Now THAT's a ticket I'd pay big bucks for.

Do you think it's a big deal that Andi quit her job?


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nonmember avatar Foster

I've never watched any season of either show but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt here. Did you ever stop and think that maybe the guy she picked at the end lives elsewhere and maybe she quit her job to move to be with him? Or maybe,like a NORMAL person,she just found a better job(a non-TV one) or maybe doesn't like her current job anymore. There are an endless number of reasons one quits their job. Just because she happen to go on tv doesn't mean she quit to be famous(although because I don't know her personally maybe it is,I'm completely aware that I could be wrong). Just saying

nonmember avatar Lisa

I am a lawyer and I'd give up my job in a second to be on reality TV. Besides I can assure you it pays more than being a lawyer and we have tons of loans to pay off. I don't watch this show at all, but way to go Andi!

Dawn Wendel

You did to quit your job because all you do is pick on people! It's her life, she can do whatever she pleases. She doesn't need your approval!! Way to go Andi!!!!

nonmember avatar Kay

I keep reading these articles but it's like a train wreck. I know I shouldn't look but I do. Always assumptions and drama that come from crazy imaginations!

Sandra Blake

Her leave was up May 31  the program  will not be over til end of June.  She probably had no choice.  I'm sure she wil get her job back as soon as she is free from the program.

Andrea Fleek

The season may not be over on TV but fiming was over a LONG time ago!!

nonmember avatar Meredith

I agree with foster. Whoever wrote this article is being a little ridiculous. You have no idea why the girl quit her job. All you know is that she quit her job and made an assumption. I was thinking the articles were a little more reliable on this website bc I trust Alex mccords blog. She seems to base things on personal experience and the facts. Articles like this aren't as interesting because your squeezing the hell out of something to try and get a little juice. Just saying.

Viv Lee

Maybe the DA's office in Atlanta asked her to leave. Can't imagine they would be too happy over the kind of attention she would bring. Not to mention how serious could she be taken as an assistant DA prosecuting criminals after this Bachelorette gig? She could make more $$ in private practice anyway.

nonmember avatar Guest

I'm a little worried that Andi chose Josh. He seems a bit... pathological. His reaction to the whole lie detector date was a bit over the top. He seemed angry at being challenged by her in that way. That's a huge red flag. I hope she didn't quit her job due to pressure from Josh. I am concerned it might be an attempt on his part to isolate and control her. I think he might turn out to be a very controlling, abusive type of guy. I hope her family, friends and Bachelorette colleagues will keep tabs on her, and intercede if things get out of hand. Josh has crazy eyes, and he's very aggressive, not in a good way. Alarm bells just go off for me whenever he opens his mouth. "Free Andi!"

nonmember avatar Cathy

Andi kissed many men, misled and slept with Nick, then avoided him, and was upset he outed her on the show. And she says all the while she was in love with Josh! Eric was sent home for calling her fake on the show and now she quits her job. The facts speak for themselves on this one.

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