'Ladies of London' Star Makes Insensitive Joke That Offends Us All (VIDEO)

ladies of london

If there's one thing you DON'T joke about to the moms watching TV, it's anything to do with special needs. In today's exclusive video, not only do I discuss Ladies of London star Annabelle Neilson's major blunder, but also WHY the show isn't resonating with viewers in the States. And there's LOADS of behind-the-scenes dish on Real Housewives of Orange County, and what I think about Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow as well as Shannon Beador and her husband.

Personally, I think last night's Orange County was one of the best all season. Both major storylines moved forward (or backward) in very clear ways. In today's episode below, I deconstruct the drama between Shannon and her husband David -- what they thought they might have been getting into with this show and what might REALLY have been in that email.

Next, the Ladies of London have a big problem -- no one is watching their show. After a great premiere, the viewership fell off a cliff and I think I know why. In the video below, I detail a tactical error by production and compare and contrast the cast members to their US counterparts. Also, two ladies are in danger of being left behind. Can you guess who? Watch below to find out!

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Do you think Shannon's marriage is really in trouble?

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nonmember avatar sarah

thanks for speaking for us all.. miss random liberal woman

nonmember avatar Ingrid

Love you Alex. I miss the sass on HWONY

nonmember avatar tracy

Alex you dont know these women any more than we do. Your speculations are just that! Can't believe you get paid to air your silly opinions! SMH

Marilynne Dwire

When Annabelle called Juliet special needs, it showed me what phony she really is. Sad, but looks like she will be lonely and pathetic for the rest of her life. That's why London society goesn't want Americans in it. They don't want anyone to see the real person they are, there's a good chance an American would call you out on it. It was funny when the other women clam up and let them roll.

the4m... the4mutts

I hate this new TMZ style of blogging. It's obnoxious. If the mobile site on my device showed me the author of a blog BEFORE I opened it, I would avoid it all together. But since CM keeps making this crap harder to navigate every time they update their page, I'm just going to complain.

nonmember avatar Suki

Alex, I think you are partially correct about the failure of Ladies of London to maintain viewers. Had the show followed the interconnected lives of various London socialites of British as well as other nationalities- reflecting the diversity of the city, Bravo would have had a big hit. Instead the show is a platform for contrasting British women to their American counterparts. Finding willing American participants couldn't have been easy because all of them, apart from Caprice, are unknown wannabes. Caprice's star fell sometime ago and Juliet's prior achievement seems to be that she knew some famous stars in America. Viewers seem to like the drama when it's based on the questionable behaviour of a cast member, not on the disapproval of a cast member's nationality. This show won't win viewers in the UK either.

nonmember avatar Kathy G

Alex happy to see you doing this, how are the boys doing?

Ron Kurczak

i'm wondering where all of the ladies of london are doing press about their new show????? it's as if they don't care to promote it at all. is this another "british way" of dealing with things? filming a show and hoping it floats??

Ron Kurczak

and to the "nonmember" above saying you do not know these women and know nothing about the things they do in day to day life -- HELLO she was once behind the cameras. she offers an inside detail about how reality shows tend to operate. did you find yourself in the wrong forum?? i wish i could comment directly on her post to inform to poor girl

nonmember avatar Donna

ok Bravo, I know we don't have to watch but please take this show off TV. I am British and not the least bit flattered by this show or these ladies!

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