'Ladies of London' Recap: Annabelle Neilson TOTALLY Enrages the Americans

annabelle neilson This probably says way more about me than it should, but when it comes to Ladies of London, I am staunchly team Annabelle Neilson. I mean, she's a well-respected muse and model and the most punk-rock member of the British aristocracy (not that, like, you know, that is saying much really in terms of punk-rock street cred). Still, she seems like someone who'd give you a cigarette if you were short one at a party and like she has a killer sense of humor.

You know who does not? Juliet Angus. Maybe I'm going to catch hell for this, maybe not -- but Juliet is THE WORST. She's the reason Americans have a bad rep in places like the U.K. Which is particularly egregious because her faults (rudeness, volume, self-centeredness) are her own, not those of every American. When Juliet's behavior went from rude to just awkward at the Fourth of July Party, Annabelle walked. But Juliet wasn't content to let bygones, you know, be gone. 

If you're being so loud and me-me-me that someone gets up and leaves your party, here is a pro-tip: Do not chase them down and yell at them in the street! Don't get me wrong here. I am American and proud of where I come from. But this doesn't mean I'm going to let my ass-cheeks hang out of my cut-offs and make my new friends feel like I'm the coolest person ever, and they shouldn't even bother.

I have to say, Annabelle's reaction to Juliet chasing her down in the street? Best thing I've seen on reality T.V. for a while. Juliet went quietly nuts freaking out about Annabelle's "rudeness." Annabelle went for the soft-spoken death-stare AND I LOVED IT. The truth of the matter is Annabelle didn't leave the party because the Americans were being gauche. She left the party because IT WAS LAME. Juliet whipping around knickers was just as good a marker that it was time for her to leave as any. In closing: Juliet is the worst. I know, I already said that -- but you guys, she talks about hanging out with Lindsay Lohan like that is something desirable or cool. She named her son Truman. I rest my case.

Are you team Annabelle or team Juliet?


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nonmember avatar jsara

Annabelle is a pompous socialite whose celebrity is as shallow as she is-Born wealthy-married wealthy and has no merit of accomplishment other than to constantly define herself as the "muse" to a man who committed suicide and should be left in peace-yet this snob constantly needs to define herself by dropping his name-her celebrity is based somewhat on wearing see thru dresses and simulating sex in ads for AM-so to be so offended by Juliet showing some undies she received as a gift is so ridiculous.Are you saying that it was RUDE to sing the national Anthem at a 4th of JULY party?-embarrassing sure- since it was not the best vocals-but how was it rude? Having lived in London for 6 yrs-I never cared what the "Brits" thought of Americans-snobs are snobs anywhere-and you seem pretty impressed by b.s. credentials-FYI-Juliet doesn't seem to have any ass-cheeks to hang out of anything-there was nothing offensive about her cut-offs- Caprice sharing her dog eating it's own shit story-well-that was rather offensive-this show is not representative of Americans or Brits-if this is the best storyline they can come up with these ladies of London desperately need help.

Karen E. Melroy

I thought it was hilarious. Apparently, Juliet isn't famiiar with the old expression, "when in Rome." If you're going to move to another country, and expect them to accept you, at least try to adopt some of the accepted social behaviors. Don't interrupt conversations that aren't directed towards you, and if you have a problem with a guest at your party, address them discreetly, or at another time, like a proper hostess. That's not even english, that's just common sense.

nonmember avatar SJohnson

Was Juliet rude for butting into the conversation - yes; I she a crappy singer - yes (although she was somewhat forced to sing -- put on the spot by Marissa so can't really fault that); are daisy dukes vile -- I've always disliked them BUT...again it was for the sake of the event; were the underwear comments/display over the top - Not in any way. Generally, Annabelle is only impressed with Annabelle and feels only Annabelle (and perhaps Annabelle's grandmother when she is talking about Annabelle's family) is worth talking about. Once Juliet cut Annabelle off from her once again going on and on about her damned charity race and how difficult and cool that is for her to do, Juliet's fate was sealed for that party. Annabelle would not cut her a break and was out to do her best to make her feel inferior from that point on. Sorry but I don't buy the whole "I'm more rock n roll than posh" BS ...this is an overindulged brat who dresses the part but is as self centered, overly sheltered and tiresome as the old tea and crumpet set.

nonmember avatar Pamster

Rude is rude. Was Juliet a bit abrasive? Maybe - depends on your perspective. Annabelle was rude and abrasive right back. There is nothing appropriate or polite about pointing out what you perceive as a lack of manners. We Americans have a word for a woman like Annabelle and it has little to do with her pedigree, muse-status or rock-n-roll life style.

nonmember avatar cindy

Annabell, muse of fashion designer that took his own life! most of us in the real world, cannot and do not wish to relate, nor do we care to. Its obvious she rests totally on her family pedigree and high society friends. I bet 20 years down the road, she will still be known as the muse of a once famous designer, she is a joke. The brits bragg about their proper ways and in the same sentence use vile language, and constantly toot their self absorbed horns.

bbird76 bbird76

I'm English and have never bragged about having 'proper' ways...Our language is no worse than Americans (I've been in the US a long time FYI)...and we are the least horn-tooting nation. We can barely accept a compliment let alone brag about ourselves. Have you actually ever spent any time with British people? The point of having Annabelle on the show is that she's a high society princess, whom you can't relate to. But yes, she was massively over the top in her response to Juliet's knickers.

nonmember avatar Chelsea

I could not disagree more. Annabelle was incredibly rude, insensitive and arrogant after JULIET allowed her to come to the party. Yes, Juliet may have lost her cool, but she came into the event with an open mind and heart whereas Annabelle was clearly on a head trip. I hope she gets cut from the show-she adds nothing to it.

nonmember avatar Tricia Fenlon

My goodness the way the Brits go on about us Americans one might think they were jealous. Until this show came along I never gave second thought of how they perceived us. This Fourth of July I will pull out every red, white and blue article of clothing I have and wear it proudly and wave that flag in Annabel 's sour puss face.

Carol Leitz Cohen

I'm not a big fan of either Annabelle or Juliet. One is a posh bore, the other is slightly loudmouthed. Annabelle was rude by leaving the party so abruptly without thanking her hostesses. Juliet was wrong to follow her. However, I am sure the producers are dying to see some conflict to ignite this boring show. Juliet, I am sure, was chosen because she is brash and loud when she downs the spritzers and sure to ruffle these staid Brit's feathers.

nonmember avatar crystal

I don't know why these 2 groups of ladies would want to socialize at all, the brits and the americans. They see thing totally different...I guess pleasing the brits in society and conversation means you have to be snarky, superior and feel above everything and everyone, which Anabelle excels at. She was correct that Juliette interrupted the conversation she was having with another person, but she could have been more gracious about it and lightened up. It wasn't the end of the world, and a party is about socializing, not being so private. Then her reaction to the bikini underwear gift was laughable, does she not wear underwear? Is she not in the fashion business? It was just another opportunity for her to act "above" and go outside and gossip to the other women. It is annoying to watch the brits in action, they are not perfect, as they seem to think they are.

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