'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Shannon Beador Will Hate Email Forever Thanks to This

Man, did anyone else want to give Shannon Beador a massive hug tonight, or was it just me? The fact that I felt like consoling her is telling, since I'm usually a staunch anti-hugger. Especially of strangers. As if facing some serious problems in her marriage weren't bad enough, Shannon made the rookie mistake of confiding in an Orange Country veteran, Tamra Judge.

I don't think Tamra is a bad person. I do, however, think she likes being on T.V. maybe even more than Vicki Gunvalson does. That Shannon would open up to Tamra only for Tamra to turn around, reveal her secrets, and belittle her just to get back in good with Heather Dubrow was pretty appalling. It was also pretty riveting to watch. Somewhere (probably in heaven) Niccolo Machiavelli witnessed this all and slow-clapped. You know that dead historical bitch lurved him some drama. 

Shannon found out -- VIA EMAIL -- that her husband thinks they need to spend some time apart. Dude. If your husband is emailing you? That's maybe red flag number one. No wait, I'll back up -- if your husband goes to bed at 8:30 so he doesn't have to engage with you: THAT is red flag number one.

This is making me sound much more callous about Shannon's situation than I actually feel. I don't doubt that she and David Beador love each other very much, but clearly things aren't right. Clearly it's hurting them both. I basically started weeping when Shannon had to go to the doctor because her relationship problems were LITERALLY MESSING WITH HER HEART. It's been a while since this show had a character who was so fascinating to watch. I just hope she can survive the poop-storm that is about to land on her head when she finds out that Tamra has been airing her dirty laundry for the whole world to see.

Do you think Shannon and David will make it through?


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Nancy Kelly

I know they will grow apart but then they will see they love each other and know they can be good again.

nonmember avatar Lisa Woxell

I think she should stop whining. She wants all the perks her husband talked about,such as:massages for children,cotillions, the grand house. Of course he has to work a lot and is tired! Live like a normal person without all of those totally ridiculous, totally unnecessary things,and he will have more time and energy for you!!!

nonmember avatar Shay

Shannon Beador was the best casting that BRAVO has made in a long time. I've been a fan of the O.C. Housewives since day one and by far Shannon B. is the most interesting housewife. You can't help but laugh at her quirkiness and cry when you see her in so much pain. Not that fake crying sh&t that you see from Tamara and Heather. Shannon is definitely a different bird, but that's what makes her the housewife you can't help but love and want to keep coming back to watch every week. Stay Cool Shannon, your my fave!!!

nonmember avatar janet

What you said about the unnecessary stuff is so true. I believe they came from different back grounds and see it different. I feel bad for Shannon ans I think she's too kind and sensitive for this show. Im not sure what I read on them as a couple. Not sure if Shannon and her bickering has driven David away or if he's wanting to trade her in for someone else and it no longer matters to him what she does. I think the one she should have trusted is Vickie to confide her marriage woes. I believe Vickie is so much more of a stand up gal and would have been more discreet and trustworthy. Im disgusted with Tamara and Heather. What creepy people! Tamara has such a big mouth and Heather is as cold as ice. Poor Shannon has put herself at their mercy and she'll get none it looks like in the next episode. I sure hope David sees Shannon's pain and has her back. Just goes to show you how little you can trust people and how easily you can be sold down the river when your'e at your most vulnerable. That's when you see so clearly who is decent and who cares. Hopefully David will come through for Shannon. Shannon should give the finger to these so called friends!

nonmember avatar Mary Henderson

Shannon, hang in there honey. Please learn that the women from RHOC have great intentions to be a good friend. But honey, you kind of spilled your problems not really knowing them. I get it... You trusted in girl code. Unfortunately, it appears as though those entrusted secrets are saved for their rainy days that need to have their problems diverted. David is your BFF. Find your inner fun . Do things you're really passionate about. You love to be the "hostess with the mostess." We see your passion when you give parties. Dig deep in your heart to when you were younger.. What was the passion that made you smile and laugh with David? You have to bring that Shannon back to life. Your infectious!!! David will feel it , see it and hear your laughter. Hang with the girls and have fun again. Careful not to push him away or fill him with gossiping and judgement around him. Start to surprise him with your wonderful homemade meals. It takes time to break negative habits so, ten deep breaths, smile, enjoy his company, let him acknowledge you! Keep your chin up and only vent with the girlfriend you really trust. Vent with . A change in your happiness will change his disposition. Keep a clear mind, no negativity! Remove yourself with everyone else's drama. No one said, life is easy. Get past the thorns on the rose. Then appreciate the rose for it's entire beauty from bud to full bloom. You are that rose. Be kind and nurture yourself through blooming.

nonmember avatar Donna

The last person Shannon should tell her troubles to ,is trash mouth Tamra, of course she is going to blab to anyone who will listen, do you hear her blabbing her own troubles about Simon and other professionals saying she is a bad Mother, of course not I say all these people, including her own daughter can't be wrong, don't worry Shannon she does this to everyone, she is low class trash, and she is so jealous of you and Heather that is what is at the root of all of this.

nonmember avatar molly

It was right after Tamra was crying about heather talking to her husband about her ,what LOWLIFES

nonmember avatar janet

Great advise for Shannon!THow Tamara acted with Heather last nite was just like I saw her act with Gretchen before when Gretchen was peeved that Tamara was friends with Vickie again. First Tamara cried and acted distraught then when she gained Gretchen sympathies she talked shit about Vickie to show her see I don't have total loyalty to this other woman. I loathe snakes like Tamara. What a master manipulater! Vickie has Tamara down now and knows better not to trust her to be dependable. Poor Shannon didn't know any better how Tamara switches alliances at the drop of a hat and gave her something to hand to Heather the horrible!

nonmember avatar VERA Lombardi

I think Shannon is the most sincere housewife ever.I just hopethe other Oc wives don't drive her crazy

My heart goes out to her and hope her marriage remains intact

She is a wonderful human being

nonmember avatar Brenda

If Shannon would stop putting David down, nagging at him & stopped complaining their marriage might have a chance.

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