Courtney Robertson Reveals Ben Flajnik’s Embarrassing Bedroom Secret

courtney robertsonThere are certain things no guy wants the world to know about him. Chief among them is when he comes up short -- sexually. So we can only imagine how Ben Flajnik feels after ex Courtney Robertson's recent confession.

In her new tell-all, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends, the former Bachelor winner admits that she and Flajnik had sex when they were skinny-dipping in Puerto Rico while the show was filming. If only she had stopped there. Courtney alleges that her experience with Ben gives new meaning to the term "quickie." She writes:

To answer your question, yes. Ben and I did have sex in the ocean. On-camera. It was immediate, but it was only for about 20 seconds and, um, it was just the tip.

Umm, 20 seconds! Seriously? But it seems he got plenty of opportunities to redeem himself. Courtney says that they had a ton of sex in the Fantasy Suite ... and they DIDN'T use protection.

We did every position under the sun, but I believe I sealed the deal when we successfully completed the reverse cowgirl.

I suppose that shouldn't come as a total surprise -- isn't that what the suite is for? But this is the first time a former star has kissed and told this much detail.

Of course, we all know the relationship didn't last very long, but with this new book, Courtney is still getting plenty of mileage out of it.

Does this make you want to read the rest of Courtney's book?

Image via Courtney Robertson/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Charlie Burns

Hell no, she's a tramp. No amount of class on her part.

nonmember avatar SantaFeJack

No, I have no interest in reading her book...even if it was free.

nonmember avatar JMO

Its amazing what girls and/or men will say and do for money and attention. I'm sure she is perfect with no faults. Ha she's trashy and has no classy. Women nor men have no business disgusting the bedroom in public and/or social media. Its disgusting, grow up.

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