'Sister Wives' Recap: The Browns' New Business Seems Like a Bust

sisterwivesRobyn Brown and Meri Brown rounded a corner this week, and it was pretty great. Though it took us some time to get there. If you turned on this week's installment of Sister Wives, no one would blame you for having to check the guide to make sure you had the right channel. I, for one, thought I had quietly gone mad. This madness manifested in a strange way where every T.V. show I watched turned, inexplicably, into Shark Tank. This wasn't the case, but the stakes were just as high tonight for the Brown family as any guest dipping their toes in the Shark Tank. (Friends, that's what we call a dead-sexy segue.)

The family -- minus the kids, who presumably lack all business acumen -- was setting out to pitch their family company, My Sisterwife's Closet, to a group of nattily dressed venture capitalists. Really, it was like something out of Dickens, only the women were even MORE passive (BURN, DICKENS, BURN -- dig that mad sting, you dead weirdo).  

Meri was trying to prove to Robyn that she has every intention of going to school AND helping out with the business. Robyn was pretty hard pressed to believe that her sister wife wasn't just trying to ditch her responsibilities. But she had a change of heart when at a meeting to plan their big pitch, Meri broke down at the prospect of having to speak in front of a large group of strangers. 

Once Robyn figured out that Meri was just frightened, she and the other wives (plus Kody Brown and his impressive and surely sentient red mop of hair) rallied around to support her. The only tears shed during the pitch were by Robyn, and they were totally passionate tears that just made the group seem more awesome. Sadly, while the Browns left feeling confident, the investors don't seem to think the presentation passed muster. Who knows what the future holds for the company? 

Do you think the investors will have a change of heart?


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nonmember avatar krystian

Hoestly, nope.

I think robyn ruined it with her crying. If i were one of those investors, and a person came in with a pitch and they started crying i would not give them the time of day. And like the guy said..the only reason they did not walk out was because they were friends.

They were not prepared at all. They needed a lot more time then just 20 days.

nonmember avatar lilah


nonmember avatar Patricia Butler

A look at the website would suggest to me that they didn't get the funding (not to mention the fact that they violated Shark Tank's first commandment: "Thou Shalt Not Overvalue Thy Company"). The website seems overrun by incredibly cheap looking watches, mostly men's. What kind of sister wife do you have if her closet is overflowing with men's watches?

nonmember avatar Kitty

Their biggest problem is the number of page hits versus actual sales. And it will always be that way. Do you know why? Their jewelry is beautiful but their prices are outrageous. The fidelis pendant, my personal favorite, is 153.99. I won't be buying from them, because I feel that is too much to spend. These days they have some affordable options, but when i first visited their site everything was in the 200 to 300 dollar range. That's just too big of an expense. Their best option would be to have the bulk of their jewelry in the 25-40 dollar range. They have so many fans who would buy at that price. They're an online business mostly, and they have to realize they're competing with amazon. You're just not going to sell much when you're charging over 200 dollars for sterling silver.

I hope they have good advisors who have taught them more about pricing. Also, about valuations, because as someone else said, you can't expect investors to do a deal with an unrealistic valuation. WWKOLD! What would Kevin O Leary do? :P

Karen Macdonald

They have rounded the corner into truly boring now. How many people are really interested in seeing their dealings with potential investors,watching Robyn cry, and seeing doofus with his deer in the headlights look.

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